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REHAU fully finished cabinet doors combine high-end, contemporary design with affordability, durability and flexibility

In the world of high-end residential remodeling, you become accustomed to working with demanding clients with exclusive tastes. Noel Cruz, provider of custom cabinetry and other remodeling services, has discovered a REHAU product line that leaves his clients exclaiming, “I want it!” the minute he shows them a sample.

His secret: REHAU cabinet solutions with RAUVISIO brilliant high-gloss and RAUVISIO crystal glass surfaces. RAUVISIO brilliant surpasses lacquered boards with its vibrant color and brilliant depth effect while RAUVISIO crystal offers a sleek shine of back-painted glass in a lightweight, durable polymer that never fails to impress.

“You should see their faces,” Cruz says of his clients, who routinely spend well into six figures on home remodeling projects. Cruz owns and operates Espacios, a Miami-based maker of custom cabinetry, media centers, countertops and more. When they see the REHAU cabinet door line, Cruz says they instantly say, “Oh my, this is so nice!”

Cruz clearly is impressed with the RAUVISIO product line. “The finishes they give me are the top-of-the-line of all the cabinet door manufacturers in the United States. The sheen of the panel is like glass, but it’s not as fragile as glass and it’s not as expensive as glass,” he says.

RAUVISIO crystal provides the ultimate high-gloss surface because it has a 3D depth effect and clarity of glass, excellent scratch- and impact-resistance, and breathtaking mirror-quality optical-grade reflection. It is lighter in weight, has much higher impact resistance and is easier to process than real glass, which typically requires custom sizing, pre-planning of handle positioning and electrical outlet cutouts as well as considerable stocking requirements for each variant.

Compared to other high-gloss surfaces, RAUVISIO brilliant has superior colorfastness (resistance to yellowing from UV exposure) and superior reflective image quality (no orange peel). High-gloss laminates and edgeband are all perfectly matched. All of REHAU’s finished doors and components are manufactured with REHAU LaserEdge™ that withstands heat and steam from cook tops and dishwashers in close proximity.

When used with REHAU LaserEdge technology, the finished door has a seamless “invisible joint” between the surface and the edge. Remodelers receive a perfectly sized, finished cabinet door that is ready to attach and flexible enough to be altered on site with drill holes and cutouts for handles and outlets. Cruz has completed projects with RAUVISIO cabinet doors in his native Puerto Rico, Miami and Maryland.

Ease of use and consistency of quality are two reasons Cruz says he loves the product line. “Everybody wants high-gloss acrylic or high-gloss paint finish. There are only a few factories that do a nice high-gloss painted finish that looks like glass, but they have to do so many coats of paint that the pricing is outrageous.”

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