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Renowned Italian Front Panel Furniture Producer Improves its Manufacturing

ILCAM, the world's leading manufacturer of furniture front panels, has incorporated REHAU LaserEdge technology into its operations to improve the manufacturing process and deliver the highest quality end products. According to ILCAM, “Previously, no alternative existed to hot melt adhesives, which, due to the application process, can compromise the quality of the end product. We were thus very excited to bring the REHAU LaserEdge technology into our manufacturing mix."

"The laser welding process sets new benchmarks when it comes to appearance and overall quality, as the optical and functional ‘zero-gap joint’ achieved in using this technology produces an exceptional end product,” ILCAM said. Aesthetic quality issues such as staining and discoloration, which can occur from the use of hot melt adhesives, are also no longer a concern. “Aesthetics are, on the contrary, very desirable, as components appear seamlessly connected, like one piece of furniture versus several.”

In addition, the company recognizes improved heat and moisture resistance due to the seamless nature of the finished edge. “With a seamless edge, maceration of the boards and polyestering of the frontals are no longer needed in the manufacturing process, which ultimately translates into reduced lead times for our customers.”

Regarding customer satisfaction, ILCAM notes a competitive advantage in being able to offer a wide spectrum of color and design options to its customers. “REHAU LaserEdge can be tailored to whatever colors or designs our customers may require. This is a very important selling feature for us, as our customers are interested in developing products that address ever-changing design trends.”

ILCAM has also noted substantial improvements in its overall production process. “Removing adhesives from the production process has resulted in a number of visible benefits,” said ILCAM. “We save a significant amount of time no longer having to coordinate edgeband material, primer and adhesive in production, and have seen a dramatic reduction in equipment maintenance, tooling and cleaning.”

According to ILCAM, REHAU’s reputation as a polymer industry innovator was the initial selling point for incorporating its LaserEdge technology. “Initially, REHAU was the first supplier of a true polymer edgeband solution, which allowed us to evolve out of our use of melamine edgeband several years ago. With LaserEdge, we are once again elevating in product quality and performance. We truly see this as a technology to revolutionize the furniture industry.”

REHAU also provided hands-on support throughout the integration of the LaserEdge technology into ILCAM’s manufacturing process. “REHAU was exceptional in providing close, professional technical assistance from its research and development department, as well as on-site technicians who guided integration of the laser technology from the very beginning all the way up to the change-over to serial production.”


Adhesive-free, non-PVC laser edging

Scope of Project

Removing adhesives from the production process in a leading furniture manufacturing plant producing 200,000 front panels/week


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REHAU Systems UsedREHAU LaserEdge
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REHAU LaserEdge

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