REHAU: FENIX NTM: Corona Del Mar Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Corona Del Mar Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Corona Del Mar Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Corona Del Mar Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Corona Del Mar Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Corona Del Mar Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Corona Del Mar Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Corona Del Mar Residence

J&J Custom Cabinets | Corona Del Mar Residence | California

A Wave of REHAU Products Make a Splash in this Modern Beach House Remodel

After finding an older home on the perfect lot with a gorgeous ocean view, a couple in Corona Del Mar, California, took a deep dive into a renovation project that completely transformed the residence. The homeowners envisioned a large modern space with unique features and finishes throughout.

While working on their interior design plan, the couple enlisted the help of the local kitchen and bath shop, J&J Custom Cabinets, to create completely custom, high quality cabinets. They wanted a lot of storage and no clutter, so they selected multiple styles and sizes of cabinets to be installed throughout their home. REHAU slab cabinet doors in FENIX NTM Castoro Ottawa are the grounding feature in the kitchen and laundry room, while FENIX NTM Bianco Male highlights the bathrooms and loft.

“I chose FENIX NTM because the designer was searching for a specific color in a matte finish that wasn’t offered anywhere. Peterman Lumber introduced me to the REHAU surfaces and showed me the perfect color in Castoro Ottawa,” said Harvey Guzman of J&J Custom Cabinets. Steve Najera of Peterman Lumber also recalled the experience saying, “I showed the homeowners different options and they chose FENIX NTM due to its quality nanotechnology, true matte finish and the smooth touch of the surface. They were sold.”

Along with the attributes, the client lists, FENIX NTM has many distinct features making it the superior matte surface in the market today. When holding a FENIX NTM board, you can see its low-light reflectivity and fingerprint resistance, but the makeup of this surface is what sets it apart. Produced using next-generation resin developed with nanotechnologies, this surface provides innovative properties such as thermal healing, which open up new avenues in interior design.

“FENIX NTM is a new product in the Newport Beach area and I let the client know she was the first to use it here,” says Guzman. “I wasn’t even aware of its scratch resistance, but was really pleased to learn about it because no other material has the same quality.”

The kitchen is the center and focal point of the house – with the distinct design of the cabinetry proving to be a truly innovative way to achieve the homeowners’ goals. Tall, on trend, panels hide all appliances and an expansive “buffet wall” in the kitchen showcases FENIX NTM slabs with touch-to-open hardware that exposes extra surface space.

“The homeowner wanted to use the push hardware to create a really sleek look,” said Najera. The only cabinet door handles in the kitchen are located by the sink wall and on the central island. The lack of visible handles gives the kitchen a clean feel, perfectly complementing the FENIX NTM surface.

For the bathrooms and the loft, the homeowners chose FENIX NTM Bianco Male for the vanities and custom built-in cabinets. Floating vanities, an emerging design trend, are featured in the bathrooms where they not only save space, but also add modern flare.

REHAU supplies the whole FENIX NTM range as laminate sheets, pressed boards or fully fabricated cabinet doors with matching edgeband from stock in North America. For an extra touch of class on this project, J&J pressed the HPL sheets onto custom maple panels, so the cabinet interiors show a beautiful woodgrain contrast to the modern super matte exteriors. J&J applied REHAU LaserEdge adhesive-free edgebanding to create a seamless edge for the custom-made cabinet doors.

Now that their renovation is complete, these happy California homeowners can enjoy the scenic views from their private kitchen oasis.

ProjectCorona Del Mar Residence
Project TypeNew home, built in 2018
General Contractor Burkhart Brothers Construction

Cabinet Manufacturer

J&J Custom Cabinets

Peterman Lumber

REHAU Products

FENIX NTM® Castoro Ottawa and FENIX NTM Bianco Male with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology


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