REHAU: RAUVISIO terra : Whidbey Island Residence
REHAU: RAUVISIO terra : Whidbey Island Residence
REHAU: RAUVISIO terra : Whidbey Island Residence
REHAU: RAUVISIO terra : Whidbey Island Residence
REHAU: RAUVISIO terra : Whidbey Island Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Whidbey Island Residence

Whidbey Island Residence | Washington

RAUVISIO terra and FENIX NTM Sea-ze the Spotlight in New Pacific Northwest Beach House

If you can dream it, you can do it. This couple’s* dream of designing a home came to fruition with the construction of their new beachside residence on Whidbey Island in Washington. They had a clear vision in mind: clean, warm, modern, low-maintenance and perfect for visits from their grandchildren.

“The wife drew the plans herself, so she was very specific and hands-on about what they wanted,” says Marsha Sloan, co-owner of the general contracting company Eckberg Construction in Clinton, Washington. “Her distinct vision of a super clean look made it easy for construction and eliminated the chance for miscommunication.”

The couple enlisted the help of Chandra Sadro, owner of Sadro Design Studio in Everett, Washington, to make the architectural plans for cabinet layouts and help them pick out the perfect surfaces. The wife knew she wanted modern surfaces that didn’t require constant maintenance and cleaning, which made East Elm from the REHAU RAUVISIO terra textured woodgrain collection an unquestionable choice for their cabinets and vanities.

“I wanted the wood look without using actual wood because I didn’t want to worry about wear and tear,” the wife explains. “What drew me to RAUVISIO terra was the idea of no dents or damages. I like the texture and dimension of it, as well the vertical grain match.”

The soft touch, durability and modernity of the RAUVISIO terra collection is something that not only impressed the wife, but Sadro as well. “It’s hard to tell the difference between cabinet doors made with real wood and those made with RAUVISIO terra,” Sadro says. “This material stands out above other projects I’ve done with similar surfaces. It has a high-quality look with great feel and durability – the homeowners were more than satisfied.”

To contribute to their uncluttered, contemporary design scheme, the couple selected the super-matte FENIX NTM Bianco Alaska surface for cabinets in their laundry room. The thermal healing and low-light reflectivity of FENIX NTM caught the wife’s eye, being the perfect subtle addition to her all-white laundry room.

When the couple saw the finished product, they were pleased with the results. “My initial reaction after seeing it all come together was ‘that’s just what I was wanting!’ I couldn’t believe the color of the cabinets and how they complemented the floor,” the wife says.

As for both Sadro and Sloan, they were pleased with the outcome and would recommend using REHAU for future projects. “I was not familiar with REHAU until being introduced to their surfaces through the homeowner. I like the upscale, different and modern look of their surfaces,” Sloan says. “If someone is looking for a durable cabinet product that is easy to clean, they should look to REHAU.”

*Homeowners asked to remain anonymous.

Project TypeNew construction, completed in 2018
ContractorEckberg Construction
Cabinet ManufacturerArchitectural Cabinets Inc.

Sadro Design Studio

REHAU Products UsedRAUVISIO terra™ East Elm and Fenix NTM® Bianco Alaska with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology
PhotographySeattle Property Photography