Grafting Clips


Held Together Naturally.

REHAU grafting clips made from a special silicone formulation are used when grafting the heads of fruit trees as a binding element between the base and the fruit variety.

The little helpers also ensure at the same time that the connection has the necessary stability.

Product Range

Product Range

The clips can be used for all fruit and vegetable types that require grafting.

Different seedling grafting clip diameters are available;

  • 1.3 mm
  • 1.6 mm
  • 2.1 mm
  • 2.7 mm



Due to the elastic behavior of the special silicone formulation, the tightness of the grip orientates itself to the resistance of the stalk. Squashing of the stalk is therefore avoided.

In addition to this, the clips are highly flexible and the prevention of growth between the base of the graft and the head cutting is avoided.

The cutting grows out of the clip with time, i.e. the clip falls off once the grafting process is complete.

The physiologically harmless nature, the heat-resistance and possibility of sterilisation (in the case of an increased requirement for no bacterial contamination) are other advantages which support the use of seedling clips made from the special REHAU silicone formulation.

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