Mist Eliminator Collector Profiles

Mist Eliminator Collector Profiles

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Mist eliminators are essential to the efficient operation of any large-scale air conditioning system. Profiles are designed to eliminate water droplets from the air current by direct impaction. The elimination of water droplets helps to reduce the load on cooling systems, improve cooling efficiency and extend equipment life.

With more than 15 distinct collector profile designs, the REHAU mist eliminator program can meet the specific needs of most air conditioning systems.

  • Four standard articles available from stock
  • Multiple color selection
  • Wide selection of profiles to assure minimal system pressure drop
  • Available in reinforced PP for thermal stability up to 266°F

REHAU mist eliminator collector profiles are designed to meet the following specification:

  • ISO 9001:2008

Water droplets are a concern in any major air conditioning system. Water collection can accelerate corrosion problems, while requiring equipment to work harder and consume more energy. The result is higher operating cost. The use of the REHAU mist eliminator can help improve this situation in:

  • Steam dry equipment
  • Humidifiers and air conditioning systems
  • Gas cleaners and washers
  • Cooling towers

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