EVERLOC+: Fastest PEX Connection Method

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And 6 More Reasons Why It's Superior to Other PEX Fitting Systems

If you’re already a believer in the significant advantages of PEXa pipe over copper and CPVC, bravo! You’re ahead of the curve in the commercial sector: Crosslinked polyethylene PEXa is much easier to handle and run than rigid piping systems, saves time and money on installation with fewer callbacks or rework, and has been installed for 60+ years, proving its durability and reliability.

Now get ready for the next game-changing innovation in PEXa plumbing for commercial applications: EVERLOC+TM compression-sleeve fitting system from REHAU, the fastest PEXa connection method in the industry. Start with RAUPEX® pipe, the trusted choice by plumbers and contractors around the globe. Add in a full complement of our polymer and lead-free brass fittings and PEXa sleeves. Then fire up one of our power tools that expands the pipe, insert the fitting and then locks the textured compression sleeve over both pipe and fitting for immediate pressure testing.

Expand, Compress, Done! Precise, secure connections in minutes – EVERY time in ANY weather – that are instantly ready for pressure testing.

Compression-sleeve versus Crimp, Push and Cold-expansion

1. Installs 20% to 35% Faster Than Other ASTM F1960 Cold-expansion Fitting Systems

Independent testers at Home Innovation Research Labs tested the REHAU EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system and ASTM F1960 cold-expansion fitting system head-to-head in four days of time trial applications. EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve won the checkered flag, installing 20% faster at normal room temperatures and 35% faster during a cold room study at 33ºF (0.55ºC). To read the complete test result, visit www.everlocplus.com/timestudy.

2. Instantly Ready for Pressure Testing in Any Weather

Once the pipe is expanded with the power tool, the fitting is inserted and the textured EVERLOC+ sleeve is compressed over the pipe and fitting, connections are immediately ready for pressure testing regardless of jobsite temperatures.

All other systems add precious time to complete each connection as follows:

  • With ASTM F1960 fittings, contractors must wait while the expanded pipe and ring shrink back onto the fitting. The cooler the weather, the longer the wait time before the system can be tested.
  • Crimp fitting systems, known as ASTM F1807 and F2159, also require extra (wait) time as every connection must be inspected with a go/no-go gauge before testing.
  • Push fitting systems, known as ASSE 1061, require a support liner and an additional fastening/locking device like a snap ring or a twist collar

3. Compression-sleeve Fittings With No-leak Security

The patent-pending design of  the REHAU EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system features a textured PEXa sleeve and four sealing edges for decades of worry-free service. Strong and lightweight, the REHAU compression-sleeve fittings come in all standard fitting configurations, including elbows, tees, couplings and multi-port tees. Backed by a 25-year limited warranty, REHAU fittings and sleeves are manufactured in-house to exacting formulas from high-quality raw materials.

Other PEX fittings used in cold compression, ASTM F1960, or crimping systems such as, ASTM F1807 and F2159, are designed with only one or two sealing edges. F1960 compression-sleeve fittings use the thermal-elastic memory of PEXa to naturally lock the pipe to the fitting. The metal rings often used in crimp systems are also subject to corrosion and can fail as a result.

4. Only Two Expansions, One Compression Needed … Ever

Regardless of pipe size – 3/8 to 2 in. – or ambient temperature, the EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system only needs two (count’em … that’s one, two) expansions using our EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve tools, then one compression to lock the textured sleeve over the pipe and fitting. ASTM F1960 cold expansion systems often require more pipe expansions on larger pipe sizes and even more in cooler temps.

5. Quick Visual Check Eliminates Dry Fits

Installers master the consistent EVERLOC+ technique after just a few connections. With simple visual verification, blow offs or leaks based on overlooked dry-fit connections are ancient history. Meanwhile, there is no way to inspect a crimp connection visually without using the go/no-go gauge. And it is all too easy to overlook an incomplete push-type connection, which can result in a pull-out failure.

6. Commercial-Grade Power Tools Feature 360-degree-rotating Tool Housing 

The EVERLOC+ tools feature quick-change expander heads and color-coded compression jaws sized for up to 2-inch pipe. Easily overcome installation challenges with a 360-degree-rotating tool housing and multi-position compression jaws.

Engineering Innovation Backed by Strength

Polymer solutions from REHAU go back 60 years to when the company was first founded in Germany. Today REHAU employs more than 20,000 people at 170 locations around the world, including several manufacturing and support facilities situated throughout the U.S. and Canada. Rest assured that when you put your faith in REHAU Building Solutions, we’ll be here year after year, decade after decade to back our products and services. We call it the REHAU Advantage.

Visit our website at www.everlocplus.com to learn more about our revolutionary EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system, watch installation videos and more.