REHAU PEXa Potable Water Service Pipe

Renovation of Water Supply System in Teunz Using Plow

Project description:
Renovation of potable water service pipes of the Kührieder group: Teunz, Germany water supply system BA 06

System used:
1,500 m (4,921 ft) REHAU PEXa potable water service pipe made of crosslinked polyethylene (1,000 m 110 x 10 SDR 11; 500 m 90 x 8.2 SDR 11)

Water supply system of the Kührieder group
Municipality Teunz
VG Oberviechtach
Bezirksamtstraße 5
92526 Oberviechtach (Germany)

Krämer Consulting Engineers
Lettenstraße 24
92559 Winklarn-Muschenried

Installation company:
Haimerl Bau GmbH & Co. KG
Oberschlatzendorf 2
94234 Viechtach

Plough firm:
Frank Föckersperger GmbH
Wirtshöhe 2
91086 Aurachtal / Münchaurach

In addition to taking into consideration very rocky soil (soil class 3-5), an economical process had to be applied to install potable water service pipes between the local districts.

The plowing-in method was chosen to install this water service line due to economic reasons. This flexible installation method, which overcomes even difficult terrain in a short period of time, requires very flexible pipe. The plowing-in method ensures quick and highly automated installation performance, which saves time and costs.
Crosslinked PEXa pipe from REHAU stands out due to its exceptionally high resistance against point loads that occur in stony soils. REHAU PEXa pipes meet the requirements of the plowing-in procedure extremely well: compactible material of any grain size can be compacted directly after installation of the pipes into the ground. This saves time and money as a sand filling is not required. Compared to pipes made of ordinary PE 100, REHAU PEXa pipes are considerably more durable, safer and more reliable in trenchless installations.