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Elevating the Comfort, Safety and Sustainability of all Buildings

REHAU’s highly engineered building solutions support the creation of healthy and sustainable environments that enhance the productivity, safety and comfort of people that live and work in all types of commercial or residential buildings. While every type of building has its own needs based on its purpose and occupants, our formula to supporting the health and sustainability of all building segments is based on the following three principles: 

Engineering Know-how

Elevating Sustainability

Enhancing Lives

Innovation has always been at the core of what we do at REHAU as a building products provider. For over 70 years, our team of engineering and design experts from around the world have continuously fostered new ideas that build a better future and world. We’ve pioneered systems that have helped advance the comfort and sustainability of building environments.

Sustainability is woven into REHAU’s DNA, driving every decision we make.  The result is that every building product and solution we progress is carefully designed to protect our environment, while helping building owners advance their own sustainability efforts. Our systems help reduce building energy consumption and environmental impact. We strive for a more sustainable future and world, one building at a time.

We aspire to make buildings of all types more comfortable, healthier and safer so people are able to focus on what really matters in their daily lives. By concentrating on the future and continuously advancing engineering, we meet the challenges of tomorrow before they affect people and our environment, ultimately helping to shape the productivity and sustainability of our world.

K-12 and Higher Education Facilities

School Building

Built to Advance Sustainable and Optimal Learning Environments 


Modern educational facilities set the foundation for high-achieving students, and innovative REHAU systems are among the building blocks for high-achieving facilities. Our systems are designed to maximize K-12 education building efficiency and comfort while also reducing lifecycle costs. Specifically, REHAU radiant heating and cooling systems cut energy cost by up to 35 percent compared to conventional forced air. Inadequate thermal comfort can decrease concentration and decision making. Our systems support healthier learning environments by quickly optimizing thermal comfort without relying on blowing air that can spread germs and allergens more easily. 

School Building


Sustainability is important to higher education campuses as well as the students attending them. REHAU creates opportunities for higher education facilities to elevate sustainability while enhancing building performance. Our systems are highly engineered to provide maximum efficiency, ultimately conserving energy and helping to support the long-term health of buildings and the students and staff learning and working in them. By using floor, ceiling and/or wall surfaces to gently and efficiently radiate or absorb heat, radiant heating and cooling systems surround students with comfort. Our commitment to innovative building systems that enhance comfort and sustainability can help advance student and university performance.


See how education facility owners are using REHAU systems to advance the health and comfort of students and staff inside their buildings.

REHAU UBC Student Centre Project

University of British Columbia (UBC) Student Centre (Vancouver, BC)

This LEED® Gold certified building, designed in part by engineering students themselves, incorporates reused materials, passive solar heating and a ventilation system combined with radiant that harnesses a “stack effect’’ to move air through the building naturally. It incorporates a REHAU Radiant Heating System featuring RAUPEX® crosslinked polyethylene PEXa pipe installed in floors throughout the building to provide precise heat to 20 separate zones.

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JSF High School (Toronto, Ontario)

The École secondaire Jeunes sans frontiers (JSF) is dedicated to fostering an enriched, student-focused learning experience for its students. This includes providing a comfortable, healthy and sustainably designed learning environment. Installed throughout the entire 90,000 ft2 (8,463 m2) facility, the REHAU radiant heating and cooling system consists of 104,700 ft (31,913 m) of RAUPEX® 5/8-in. O2 Barrier pipe and 42 PRO-BALANCE® manifolds pre-piped with three-way valves into all recessed manifold distribution cabinets.

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Minnie Howard School (Alexandria, VA)

The renovation of this 54-year old school incorporated REHAU Geo-exchange technology in combination with solar technologies to cut natural gas consumption by 66%. The well field for the RAUGEOTM ground loop heat exchange system features 65 boreholes reaching 300 ft (90 m) deep to tap into the earth's natural energy for heating and cooling the school. In each borehole, REHAU PEXa pipe is fitted with RAUGEO Double U-bends for greater energy extraction. The RAUGEO system is anticipated to contribute to $400,000 life cycle cost savings over the next 20 years, as well as reduce greenhouse gases by 110,000 lbs of CO2 per year.

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University of Chicago Campus North - Residential Commons (Chicago, IL)

Tour any college campus with a prospective incoming student and you’ll be shown the facilities where students spend time outside of the classroom as much as you will see lecture halls and laboratories.  Administrators at the University of Chicago recognized this fact as they developed plans for the Campus North Residential Commons, a 400,000 ft2 (37,161 m2) facility that would replace Pierce Tower Residence Hall and Dining Commons, which housed students for more than 50 years before it was demolished in 2013.

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Engineering Know-howElevating SustainabilityEnhancing Lives
Along with reduced operating costs and simplified maintenance, some clients report an ROI of less than five years in commercial buildings. Radiant heating and cooling is used in about half of zero-net energy buildings.REHAU hradiant heating and cooling systems provide thermally comfortable spaces that are up to 35% more efficient than forced air systems.REHAU’s systems create optimal thermal comfort that helps lead to better outcomes by minimizing distractions and enhancing productivity of students and educators.


REHAU’s highly engineered building solutions create optimal educational environments that enhance the comfort, safety and productivity of students and faculty. Learn more about how these systems can help advance the well-being of your education building.

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Healthcare Facilities

Hospital Building

Creating Comfortable Environments That Promote  Wellness and Healthy Living


REHAU’s building solutions are designed to help protect patients in healthcare and hospital settings. Comfort is imperative to employee productivity and patient healing. We engineer systems that create comfortable healthcare environments, which promote healing, safety and productivity for all building occupants. REHAU also designs systems that help facilities reduce occupant risk for additional illnesses and injuries both inside and outside of the buildings through systems like snow and ice melting (SIM) and radiant heating and cooling. 

Hospital Building


As people are living longer, the need for senior living communities continues to increase. But these aren’t just buildings; they are people’s homes. REHAU provides innovative building solutions that keep loved ones safe and as active as possible. Our systems are designed to help residents achieve maximum thermal comfort, while lowering operating costs and effort for facility owners. Thermal comfort is important to health and healing, especially for older people who have difficulty regulating their own body temperatures. Facility owners can have peace of mind knowing that residents feel comfortable and at home with REHAU systems. 


See how other healthcare facilities are using REHAU solutions to advance the health and sustainability of people inside their buildings.

Region of Waterloo Emergency Medical Services Facility (Cambridge, Ontario)
This facility includes administrative offices and a garage capable of housing 12 ambulances. The use of a REHAU Radiant Heating System helped enable the facility to achieve the inaugural LEED® Gold rating under Canada’s LEED guidelines - the first project in the province of Ontario to ever receive an overall LEED Gold rating - in addition to the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Gold status. The facility uses 60 percent less energy and 85 percent less water compared to a conventionally designed new building. 

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Engineering Know-howElevating SustainabilityEnhancing Lives

Along with reduced operating costs and simplified maintenance, some clients report an ROI of less than five years in commercial buildings. Radiant heating and cooling is used in about half of zero-net energy buildings.

Use of radiant heating and cooling can achieve energy savings of up to 30 percent. In 2016, REHAU reduced water consumption by 30.5 percent compared to 2014 17.2 percent.

Heat can have therapeutic effects including decreased joint stiffness, increased extensibility of collagen tissues, relieved muscle spasms, pain relief and increased blood flow. Radiant heating can also help fight against the spread of germs, dust, mold and airborne diseases.


REHAU’s building solutions create comfortable healthcare environments that promote healing, safety and productivity of all building occupants and visitors. Learn more about these systems and how they can support your building.

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