REHAU Advantage

Born from German ingenuity and grown with American innovation, we’ve spent more than 70 years engineering quality polymer solutions for everyday applications across industry sectors.

Creating systems that serve you is our mission, and whether it’s your car, your university, your hospital, or your home, there’s a good chance an important part of your life is impacted by REHAU.

REHAU systems are the preferred choice for architects, manufacturers, engineers, developers, contractors, and homeowners across residential and commercial construction markets.

We offer solutions for:


Civic & Cultural

Commercial & Mixed-use 

Healthcare & Senior Living 


K–12 & Higher Education



Sports & Recreation

... and many more types of buildings.

As a global leader in sustainable construction, REHAU is committed to engineering products that enhance comfort and convenience, reduce energy consumption, create healthy and safe environments, and conserve finite resources. Our engineers pioneered the crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) technology and its application in radiant heating and cooling, PEX water supply lines, geothermal, and other building solutions.

We strive to design and develop systems that exceed industry standards and prioritize sustainability across designs. And it all comes back to you, because at REHAU, we engineer progress to enhance lives. 

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Our People

Since 1948, REHAU has been a dependable voice in ever-evolving industries. Our commitment to enhancing customers’ lives starts with our people — and many of them have been with the company for 20 years or more.

Knowledge transfer is seamless at REHAU, because no matter how far in the future a question arises, customers often find answers through a REHAU expert who worked on the project from the start.

We believe a strong history can grow stronger through perpetual learning and partnerships, which is why we created programs that offer training for our team and yours.

We’re here to help on the day you dream up your project, through construction, and when you have a question years down the road.

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We match German engineering with American ingenuity to ensure the best in quality, performance, and support.

Our intercontinental locations facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing throughout the design process, putting our engineers at the forefront of evolutionary changes in our industry.

These engineers design and develop our products to meet the market's needs and comply with your region’s governing codes, standards, and regulations. Many REHAU design ideas are born in the field, where we develop systems to operate at peak performance in your environment.

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REHAU Materials

We stand by the quality of every ingredient we use, mixing raw materials in-house rather than relying on ready-made formulas from third-party sources.

For our piping solutions, this dates back to 1968, when we pioneered the flexible, crosslinked polyethylene PEXa pipe as an alternative to traditional rigid solutions.

No other company controls as many steps of the process internally as we do. Carefully crafted formulas, high-quality material control, and unmatched standards set us apart and set your system up for long-term success.

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REHAU’s reputation for creating the industry’s top products goes beyond piping and our proprietary formulas.

We also make polymer fittings in-house using our custom-made tools and industry-leading injection-molding techniques.

Advanced production technology drives precise standards in our dedicated facilities. There, we independently compound ingredients under strict quality control standards in a process streamlined to catch any variations, ultimately providing uniform and rigorous quality standards throughout.

Each pipe, for example, receives a sophisticated set of markings, indicating which extruder produced the pipe, which employee handled the pipe, and what building compliances and specific applications the pipe is suited for.

This controlled production enables us to closely monitor the entire process while ensuring fast, reliable deliveries.

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REHAU Testing Materials

We perform three — sometimes more — testing sessions on each product during production and before it leaves our facility.

REHAU products comply with all major national and international codes and required standards. But our in-house testing procedures are more stringent than any code-mandated tests such as those regulated by IAPMO and ICC.

Our products are certified to ensure each pipe and fitting is suitable for its application. These processes alleviate extra steps for our contractors and inspectors and eliminate unnecessary waiting time during the inspection process. As a result, your projects keep moving forward on schedule.

With such rigorous testing and high standards, customers can trust that our products are up to code and suitable for any project, application, and building.

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Wherever you are and whatever the project, REHAU is with you every step of the way.

  • REHAU Design Services can provide project specific calculations and detailed drawings of geothermal, radiant heating, radiant cooling, and snow and ice melting applications engineered to maximize efficiency and help reduce labor and material costs.
  • Project Support includes experts who are close to the customer and available to answer questions or even visit job sites in regional REHAU locations.
  • Design Software offers access to REHAU’s PlumbingCAD and LoopCAD software. 
  • REHAU’s Specification Services streamline the design process for architects and engineers, saving them time and enabling a more efficient customer experience.
  • REHAU ACADEMY training programs offer hands-on classroom training with certified trainers, plant tours, webinars, and continuing education courses for engineers and architects.
  • REHAU EDGESM, our exclusive contractor development program, enables our customers to unlock training tools, product incentives, extra design services, brand merchandise, and VIP participation in local, regional, and national events.

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REHAU is a proud member of numerous leading industry associations, including ASHRAE, ASPE, CBE, PPI, and RPA. Our involvement means you can trust us to stay ahead of changing codes and standards across the industry.

Still, our most valuable association is the one we have with our customers, where our processes, people, materials, and standards make for quality products and service every time.

Just as we’ve been for the past 70 years, we’re here to work with our customers and business associates to enhance the quality of their communities and lives.

Contact us to discuss how we can partner with you on your next project.