EVERLOC+ Compression-sleeve Fitting System for Next-generation Reliability, Safety and the Industry's Fastest Installation Method

EVERLOC+TM is the system for creating secure plumbing connections that install in just minutes. And they will stay safe for years, thanks to the design of the EVERLOC+ fittingscompression sleeves and power tools.

The long list of benefits will impress any stakeholder in commercial and multi-family developments, from owners and investors to engineers to contractors and installers. That’s because the combination of EVERLOC+ and RAUPEX® pipe meets or exceeds every industry standard and certification for reliability and performance, is safer for workers and adds no harmful byproducts to the water.

And when it comes to saving time and money, EVERLOC+ takes the checkered flag with documented installation times that are up to 65 percent faster than traditional copper plumbing systems and 20 percent faster than other PEXa systems with cold-expansion fittings, according to this independent time study from Home Innovation Research Labs.

How it Works

The REHAU PEXa plumbing system starts with REHAU RAUPEX® UV shield pipe, the trusted choice by plumbers and contractors around the globe for more than 50 years. Add in a full complement of our EVERLOC+ fittings and sleeves. Then fire up one of the EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve tools that expands the pipe for fittings and then locks the textured compression sleeve over both the pipe and the fitting for the proven fastest installation method in the business.

More simply put: Expand, compress, done... no matter the weather!



Freeze-break Resistance – Manufactured in-house to exacting formulas from the finest raw materials, RAUPEX® crosslinked polyethylene PEXa pipe resists breakage by expanding in freezing temperatures before returning to its original diameter.

4x More Secure – EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fittings with four sealing edges and textured compression sleeves outperform alternative plumbing systems with our zero-leakage design.

0 Build-up – RAUPEX pipe resists corrosion, pitting and scale buildup, which means no reduced flow or pinhole leaks.

Up to 1-year UV Resistance – RAUPEX UV shield pipe features UV resistance of one year, the highest among PEXa plumbing pipes, which prevents the pipe from becoming brittle. 


NSF 14/61 Certified – Always safe drinking water with no mineral build-up. 

Protects Workers and the Environment – No harmful glues or chemicals are used during installation, and there’s no burn or fire risk from soldering.

Quiet Operation - Our full-flow EVERLOC+ fittings plus the flexibility of RAUPEX pipe limits pressure loss and absorbs pressure surges, thus reducing water hammer.


Fastest Installation  RAUPEX pipe and EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fittings can be installed up to 65 percent faster than traditional copper plumbing systems and 20 percent faster than other PEXa with cold-expansion fittings, according to this independent time study from Home Innovations Research Labs.

Flexible Pipe, Stable Pricing  Fewer fittings, less weight and simplified installation add up to savings on time and materials. Plus, pricing for PEXa doesn’t fluctuate like it does for copper.

0 Wait Time  Once the EVERLOC+ fitting has been installed, the system is ready for pressure testing. In fact, EVERLOC+ installed 35 percent faster than alternative systems when temperature was dropped from 70° F to 33° F (21° C to -6° C) in a cold-room time study.


Expand. Compress. Done.

No matter the circumstances, only two expansions and one compression are all that's ever needed with EVERLOC+. That goes for all sizes and weather conditions. And unlike other common plumbing systems, there is no waiting to pressure test. 

Here's how:

1. Cut the Pipe.

2. Slide sleeve over pipe.

3. Expand pipe, rotate, expand again.

4. Insert fitting into expanded pipe.

5. Compress sleeve over pipe and fitting.


The REHAU F2080 fitting system was long synonymous with "the best fitting ever" - deemed so by our customers. EVERLOC+ is the next-generation F2080, the REHAU compression-sleeve fitting system that includes polymer and lead-free brass fittings, PEXa sleeves and battery-powered tools designed for use with REHAU RAUPEX® pipe. 

EVERLOC+ Projects

REHAU Edgemont Plumbing Reference

3730 Egdemont | North Vancouver, BC

This new townhome development located near Vancouver Harbour is designed to take full advantage of the area’s enviable climate and surroundings. To bring their West Coast design to life, the developers chose high-quality, durable construction materials, including the REHAU PEXa plumbing system installed by Scott Rowland of PipeCraft Mechanical. The REHAU design combines EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting technology with RAUPEX UV shield PEXa pipe to give owners and installers reason to be confident in the security of their plumbing system.

Download PDF  Watch the Video

St. Thomas EVERLOC+ Project

Railway Estates | St. Thomas, ON 

Located two hours outside Toronto, ON lies a high-end multi-family project that will soon be called “home” to many new residents. Prouse Electric & Mechanical based in Tillsonburg, ON, saw this as a perfect opportunity to install the REHAU PEXa plumbing system including RAUPEX PEXa UV shield pipe and EVERLOC+ fittings. 

Download PDF

F2080 Projects

Texas A&M EVERLOC+ Project

Texas A&M | Canyon, TX
REHAU F2080 Project Tundra Lodge

Tundra Lodge Hotel & Water Park | Green Bay, WI

REHAU F2080 Project Potter County Memorial Stadium

Potter County Memorial Stadium | Amarillo, TX

REHAU Project F2080 Heritage Park

Heritage Park | Minneapolis, MN

REHAU F2080 Project Montage

The Montage | Reno, NV

REHAU Plumbing Project New Town St. Charles

New Town at St. Charles | New Town, MO

REHAU Plumbing Project Monterey Hyatt

Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa | Monterey, CA

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