Meet Demanding Specs, Tight Deadlines and Budget Targets with LOC-It-Up Confidence

By combining RAUPEX® PEXa pipe and the EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system, you can meet or exceed common standards for commercial or multi-family plumbing projects on three critical measures:

- Reliability
- Safety
- Cost


Freeze-break Resistance – The flexibility allows the pipe to expand and return to original diameter.

4x More Secure – Fittings with four sealing edges and textured compression sleeves outperform alternative plumbing systems with our zero-leakage design.

0 Build-up – PEXa resists corrosion, pitting and scale buildup, which means no reduced flow or pinhole leaks.

Quiet operation – Our full-flow fittings plus smooth surfaces limit pressure loss and absorb pressure surges, thus reducing water hammers.


Approved in All Model Plumbing Codes – Protection of the public health, safety and welfare.

NSF 14/61 and CSA B137.5 Certified – REHAU PEXa plumbing system does not require the use of glues, solvents or torches like copper systems so unsafe chemicals are kept out of the plumbing system. Meets and/or exceeds the requirements of safe drinking water in the US and Canada

Protects Workers and the Environment – No harmful glues or chemicals are used during installation, and there’s no fire risk from soldering.


50% Faster  the REHAU PEXa plumbing system can be installed 50 percent faster than traditional copper plumbing systems.

Flexible Pipe, Stable Pricing  Fewer fittings, less weight and volume, and simplified installation add up to savings on time and materials. Plus, PEXa pricing doesn’t fluctuate like copper.

0 Wait Time  Once the fitting has been installed, a quick visual check will ensure the system is ready for pressure testing. Alternative systems can require up to a 10-hour wait time before testing.

Forget the Negative Stereotypes

Look Closer at the Advantages of PEXa

PEXa is now used almost exclusively in single-family new construction and remodeling. That’s because residential contractors and builders know PEXa is a vastly superior product to what first came onto the market in 1980.

And they know that the REHAU PEXa Plumbing system is easier to install and more durable than copper.

So, forget those negative stereotypes about PEX and let us show you the line-by-line difference EVERLOC+ will make in the success of your next commercial or multi-family plumbing project.

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