Energy Transfer Piping

REHAU Energy Transfer Piping Allows English Estate to Become Self-Sufficient for Energy Usage

East Holme in Dorset, England is the hub of an innovative district heating network that uses REHAU’s new RAUVITHERM flexible polymer pipe to distribute heat to 16 properties on its estate.

A biomass boiler was installed in a redundant farm building and the distribution pipe has been installed in trenches dug 2 to 5 ft (0.5 to 1.5 m) deep and up to 1,300 ft (400 m) long.

RAUVITHERM was chosen for the installation because its flexibility and durability made it the most appropriate solution for the long pipe runs and exposed rural location. The flexible corrugated outer sleeve is constructed from robust HDPE to cope with the tough on-site conditions and the outer layer of insulation is bonded to the sleeve allowing the pipe to be watertight and longitudinally stable.

The closed-cell insulation allows tight bending radii to be achieved around corners or when pulling into the separate property inlets.

REHAU’s 50 mm RAUVITHERM DUO pipe has been used for the main pipe runs and 40, 32 and 25 mm RAUVITHERM DUO for separate distribution spurs. The pipe has been joined using REHAU’s EVERLOC® compression-sleeve fitting system which has been installed in millions of radiant heating and plumbing applications. Completed easily using a REHAU compression tool, joints can be installed in half the time it takes to install a conventional joint.

The East Holme project is expected to be entirely self sufficient since waste timber from the estate will be used to provide the estimated 120 tons of wood per year that will be required for the biomass boiler.

As well as 14 cottages, the district heating network also includes the principle farm house and church on the estate, all of which are in a conservation area.

Alaska Environmental, the company responsible for the project, says there are plans to extend the network to houses in the neighboring village next year, with pipe run spurs of up to 2,625 ft (800 m) to be installed.

RAUVITHERM is available in single pipe versions up to 125 mm and twin pipe versions up to 63 mm, and in coil lengths of between 100 m and 300 m.

Type of ProjectEstates
ArchitectAlaska Environmental
REHAU System

RAUVITHERM branded as INSULPEX in North America



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