Airport | Bilbao

Underfloor heating for architecture with no compromises

Maximum design freedom for top architects

As an architect and structural engineer, Santiago Calatrava is no stranger to developing spectacular buildings. Many of his structures look like sculptures and are reminiscent of leaves or wings. From the outside, Bilbao Airport looks like a white bird.

Our solution
An underfloor heating system was installed to provide air conditioning for the terminal, thus ensuring that no compromises were necessary in terms of the modern architecture. Embedded in the concrete floor slabs, the RAUTHERM S pipes are maintenance-free and offer great design freedom.

Good reasons to opt for our industrial underfloor heating solution

  • Low operating costs thanks to effective heat distribution and low supply temperatures
  • Also suitable for alternative energy sources or the use of waste heat
  • Uniform warehouse temperature profile with minimal dust deposits
  • No maintenance costs
SiteBilbao, Spain
Completion date2005
ArchitectSantiago Calatrava
Construction projectNew development
Type of buildingAirport
Products/SystemsIndustrial surface-heating system