Turf Conditioning

It's not the dormant season until you say it is.

Good field conditions are the result of a lot of hard work and the expertise of great turf managers, but no one can control the weather. Freezing weather threatens the turf, the players – it can even effect the outcome of the game.

A REHAU Turf Conditioning system gives you more control of your turf’s response to the weather and the condition of your field come game day.

  • Warmed root zones promote year-round growth
  • Ensure a softer playing surface year-round
  • Control the system from anywhere

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Denver Broncos Practice Field                                                                                                                                        

"With the value of the athletes these days, the field condition for practice is much more important and gets a lot more attention. If a guy slips on a field, it’s not acceptable.”  Read more 

- Broncos Head Turf Manager Brooks Dodson

Broncos Practice Field DocumentaryWatch (9:14)  via www.denverbroncos.com
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