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Energy efficiency and superior performance are built into every REHAU window and door

Clearly, YOU march to a different drummer. How do we know? Because you are seriously considering REHAU vinyl windows for multi-family or commercial projects, new construction or renovation. And that sets you apart from the herd that clings to outdated notions such as, “Vinyl is not durable.” “Vinyl fades and doesn’t provide high-end color or style options.” Or our personal pet peeve, “Vinyl is not environmentally friendly.”

Rather, we think you are here because you are a savvy investor, project manager, general contractor, builder or architect who sees vinyl on the rise in multi-family and light-commercial projects throughout the U.S. 


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Cut energy costs with up to 45% better thermal performance using our vinyl windows and doors for commercial buildings, condos, apartments and hotels

You want the facts on why REHAU uPVC windows and doors beat aluminum (and most of our vinyl competitors, for that matter) on today’s job-critical measures, including: energy EFFICIENCY, ease of INSTALLATION and maintenance, strength and DURABILITY, resident/guest COMFORT and a broad range of color and DESIGN options. So, let’s get started:

You might already know plenty about energy-efficient windows and want to get right to the point: U-values, thermal ratings (SHGC) and manufacturing techniques. Or maybe you need a short refresher course on the breakthrough technologies built into every REHAU window and door system. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 

To achieve the trifecta of exceptional energy efficiency, commercial windows from REHAU excel on three critical measures:

uPVC formulation

Our secret uPVC formulation and proprietary extrusion technology create window and door profiles – the frame and sash infrastructure – with outstanding thermal performance up to 45 percent better than thermally broken aluminum.  

Compression-seal technology

REHAU uPVC frames and fusion-welded corners are combined with a patented, multi-chambered design and continuous compression-seal technology. A minimum of three seals are co-extruded with each window and door profile for a welded fit that is incredibly tight. Aluminum windows and doors normally have a maximum of two seals that must be applied after production, often pulling away from the frames after time.

Glazing capability

REHAU windows and doors are designed to accommodate dual and triple-pane glazing up to 2”, which further helps keep warm air in on cool days, hot air out on warm days.

Now it’s your turn to save money with advanced thermal performance from REHAU

Discover how much money you can save on your next apartment, condo, hotel or other light-commercial project. Just contact the nearest REHAU manufacturer and you too can capitalize on the performance excellence and design elegance of REHAU!

Industry-leading efficiency results tell you all you need to know

Fully compliant with all applicable energy codes and ENERGY STAR ratings, REHAU windows and doors deliver industry-leading U-Values as low as 0.13 Btu/hr*ft²*°F and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of down to 0.10.

In tests conducted across a 10,000 ft glazed area, REHAU ÄSPEKT casement windows vs. comparable aluminum casement windows saved up to $14,000 on energy costs at a Maryland condo, $21,000 in Wisconsin at an apartment complex – all in just the first year! * Don’t believe our numbers? Run your own with our energy estimator.

And don’t forget to add in sustainability when considering the lifecycle costs of vinyl versus aluminum, especially with the push for green building practices that meet LEED and Passive House standards. The carbon footprint for the production of vinyl is 80 percent lower than for aluminum. Plus, vinyl is fully recyclable and can be re-melted and reused.

* Energy savings based on ÄSPEKT vinyl casement windows (0.26 U-Value, dual-pane glass, low-E coating) vs. comparable thermally-broken aluminum casement windows (0.49 U-Value, dual-pane glass, low-E coating). Browse more reference projects here.


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REHAU window systems install up to 55% faster than leak-prone aluminum

Here are the checkoffs contractors DON’T want to see on the window punch list for a multi-family or commercial building project:

  1. Cut receptors
  2. Install sill flashes/sub-sills
  3. Caulk mechanical window/door corners 

But if you’re installing aluminum windows, get out the checkbook now because it is well known that mechanically joined corners leak. And that means several additional installation steps are necessary to mitigate water intrusion from aluminum windows. And THAT means you face the dreaded triple whammy of cost overruns: more materials, added labor and project delays.

Fusion-welded corners, compression-seal technology keep water out

Meanwhile, the corners on every REHAU uPVC window and door are melted together in a process called fusion welding to form what is, in effect, one continuous frame or sash. When fusion-welded corners are combined with our integrated compression-seal technology, there is practically zero water leakage. The net-net: windows and doors with no added checklists that install in about half the time of aluminum for a time savings of up to 200-plus hours on a 500-window project.* 

Put REHAU vinyl windows and doors on trial with advanced modeling, on-site mockups

We get it. You want proof before, during and after installation that uPVC vinyl windows and doors are truly superior to comparable aluminum products. So, before you spend a dime, we’ll use advanced computer modeling to run your project specifications with REHAU window and door systems versus aluminum. If you like what you see, we support onsite mock-up testing to perform all the latest tests for water intrusion and sound insulation.

Old dogs can learn new tricks – time to consider uPVC

Sure, we know old habits and myths die hard, which is why aluminum still dominates commercial applications in North America. But there is a reason the vinyl market is growing in multi-housing and commercial by 8 to 10 percent a year, according to industry experts. Given the knockout one-two punch of superior performance and ease of installation with REHAU windows and doors, isn’t it time you consider uPVC? Find out more by connecting with one of our REHAU manufacturers located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

* Time savings based on REHAU ÄSPEKT uPVC casement windows versus comparable aluminum casement windows.

Case in point - installation

When mock-up installation of an aluminum replacement door at a historic Hollywood hotel demonstrated that a secondary exterior wall would be necessary to buffer nearby freeway noise, management decided to go with the System 4500 uPVC tilt-slide door from REHAU. 

No secondary wall was necessary, and the thermal values achieved by the System 4500 translated into significant energy cost reductions when compared to the aluminum frame doors.

Browse more reference projects here.


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Durable uPVC windows and doors verified to last 35 years and longer

It’s hard to believe anyone makes a window today that lasts 35 years, especially if your frame of reference (so to speak) is aluminum or old-school vinyl. So, get this: a 2006 study conducted by the Building Research Establishment* found that windows made with the high-performance uPVC formulation pioneered at REHAU “have a service life of at least 35 years under normal urban and non-aggressive conditions.”

That’s 10 years longer than the previously accepted industry standard of 25 years for uPVC and 20 years longer than the average 15-year lifespan of aluminum. Accordingly, we can point you to REHAU installations that exceed 30 years in North America and even 50 years in Europe!*

Protect your investment: no water or air leaks, no fading or painting – no hassles

The remarkable durability of REHAU windows and doors boils down to proprietary MATERIALS, state-of-the-art EXTRUSION technology and superior DESIGN

More info here

uPVC fusion-welded corners never leak like aluminum ones

Aluminum windows have mechanically joined corners that invariably begin to wear and break down as the aluminum expands and contracts with changing temperatures. Loose joints create air leaks and moisture problems, which often means aluminum windows need to be repaired, repainted and ultimately replaced every 10 years or so. By contrast, REHAU’s advanced polymer window and door systems are equipped with fusion-welded corners so there are literally no corner joints to compromise.

Incredibly tight seals co-extruded simultaneously with frames and sashes

Most of our window and door systems are made with flexible seals that are co-extruded with our rigid PVC frames and sashes. As a result, the seals are welded together with the window and door profile for an incredibly tight fit that lasts for decades, long after aluminum window and door seals have shrunk or pulled away from their frames.

Super resilient surfaces are easy to clean, always look like new

With advanced stabilizers and surface hardeners, our windows and doors also demonstrate remarkable resistance to solar radiation and other harsh environmental conditions. The result: windows that don’t fade, dent, scratch, flake or peel. With just water and detergent, our windows will never lose that brand-new look and luster.

Scoping Study: Service life estimation of PVC-U windows, Building Research Establishment, Client Report Number 228-618, Watford, U.K., 2006. Browse more reference projects here.

Durability – money in the bank for owners, operators, investors

For those of you out there sharpening your pencils on new construction or rehab projects... apartments, condominiums, mixed-use commercial, hotels and more – we know durability isn’t just a “nice-to-have” quality. For you, “durability” is money in the bank, a long-term return on your window and door investment within the “whole structure’’ of energy efficiency, building sustainability and structural integrity.

Isn’t it time you broke out of the aluminum cliché for these projects to take a closer look at high performance vinyl windows and doors from REHAU? Our REHAU manufacturers are ready to change your frame of (p)reference.


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REHAU comfort translates into greater market appeal while boosting value

When we’re talking housing in America, the two fastest-growing demographic groups have a lot in common. Active seniors and millennials are leaving the single-family home behind for the vibrancy of an urban lifestyle. Consequently, the demand for multi-family housing, upscale hotel accommodations and other light-industrial developments in urban areas is skyrocketing. And so too are the expectations active seniors and millennials share for a comfortable living environment, especially when it comes to noise, draftiness and security.

Your first order of business (or you wouldn’t be reading this) is to stand out in this lucrative, competitive marketplace while protecting the value of your investment. Well investors, developers, contractors, architects, owners and property managers, you’ve hit the jackpot because we’re going to tell you how German-engineered, American-made vinyl windows and doors from REHAU will give you the edge where it matters most with millennials and seniors: COMFORT!

Up to 25% less noise, 60% less air infiltration with cutting-edge REHAU doors and windows

Noise insulation

After a busy day at work or a big night out on the town, silence is golden … but tough to come by in noisy urban environments. Thanks to sophisticated multi-chambered design, our proprietary, highly engineered compression-seal technology and glazing capabilities of up to 2”, residents and guests enjoy greater sound insulation with STC ratings (sound transmission class) of up to 45 decibels. Every 10-decibel reduction feels half as loud to the human ear, so our commercial-grade windows improve noise reduction by up to 25 percent.

Air infiltration

From harsh winters in the north to blazing sun in the west to hurricane winds in the south, American and Canadian cities experience a wide range of environmental conditions. REHAU’s exacting standards for design, materials and extrusion create windows that achieve air infiltration ratings as low as 0.02 cfm/sqft. compared to aluminum casements at 0.05. This means no uncomfortable drafts and demonstrates again why REHAU windows and doors cut operating costs with industry-leading energy efficiency.

Moisture barrier

Water penetration is public enemy number one for everyone in this discussion, from builder to resident. Leaky windows will eventually need to be replaced to prevent structural damage in surrounding wall spaces. Moisture also creates mold, a known health risk. Because REHAU uPVC frames and sashes are fusion-welded at the corners and co-extruded with compression seals, they are designed for zero leakage while the mechanically joined corners used in aluminum windows eventually ALWAYS leak.

So, what are the takeaways here?

Comfort creates market appeal and resident/ guest satisfaction, which translates into greater balance-sheet equity for you. Add in what you’ll save on energy costs, and you should be on the phone right now with your nearest REHAU Commercial Certified Manufacturer

Proof where it counts: On the jobsite

The front of the new Buffalo Airport Hampton Inn sits less than 1,000 feet away from a runway where jet engines average 100 to 120 decibels at takeoff (the pain threshold is 130 decibels).

After a thorough review process, the property owner decided to ignore myths about vinyl windows in commercial applications and went with the System 4500 fixed window from REHAU. 

With an STC rating of 42 (roughly equivalent to double-width drywall with insulation) and a u-value of 0.25, the 4500 not only cut the jet noise to a whisper, it also generated significant energy savings. 

Browse more reference projects here.


Casa JOP 14 - 54863

Achieve your vision for award-winning design without compromising thermal performance

The final design presentation was a resounding success. Especially bold are plans to make the building LEED® certified, which will give the client a leg up in a competitive leasing market as well as provide valuable tax credits. There’s just one problem: The aluminum windows that may meet your aesthetic vision fail to meet your requirements for energy efficiency.

Plug in the numbers and watch as REHAU vinyl windows and doors more than do their part to help you meet your whole structure energy requirements.

Choose from Multiple Configurations, Countless Shapes, Dazzling Colors and Finishes

Instead of the all too common “you-get-what-you-get” philosophy, REHAU windows and doors can be customized to fit your building rather than you fitting your building to our windows.

Every configuration, plus the tilt-turn Window

Certainly you’ll find all the standard North American window and door configurations at REHAU, including single and double-hung, casements and sliders. Then there are our revolutionary tilt-turn windows, a mainstay in Europe with unique engineering for superior performance.

Our shapes, your shapes and multi-lite too

Now add in countless shapes from round, half-round, triangular to rake top and elliptical. Achieve even greater design flexibility and big, bold window elements with our single-perimeter, multi-lite configurations.

Brilliant color options compliment metal or wood finishes

Complete this pretty picture with RENOLIT EXOFOL foiling options for a rainbow of exterior colors and interior finishes. Choose solid and textured colors, from redwood, forest green or royal blue on one end of the spectrum to wrought iron or brushed bronze on the other. Imagine interior finishes that look like real Irish oak, mahogany or brushed aluminum.

Ready for “get-what-you-want” high-performance windows and doors rather than “get-what-you-get?” We thought so – click here to connect with our network of REHAU manufacturers. 

The ultimate test: Repeated success and recognition

Lippincott Living is an eight-townhome community in Toronto that incorporates new-generation design and energy efficiency, including prefab wall and floor panels, green roofs, solar shading, a cross-ventilation system and environmentally responsible interior finishes.

Aside from requiring a window solution to align with the overall high performance design of Lippincott Living, the architect wanted a surface that matched the anodized aluminum exterior color of the building.

With REHAU System 4500 tilt-turn windows and RENOLIT EXOFOL foiling, the new living spaces not only thrilled residents but also earned the builder a green-building design award. 

Browse more reference projects here.

Passive House | Net Zero

980-D325_390022_0 - 390022

Passive House Certification demands the most energy-efficient windows in the world

If you are serious about achieving the highest standards in the green building movement for your commercial window and door project – including Passive House, Net Zero or LEED® certifications – then don’t leave this page. Not only do REHAU windows and doors lead the vinyl market in energy efficiency, many designs have been engineered to meet and exceed the structural criteria from the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) for commercial applications.

REHAU helped pioneer the European Green Building movement now sweeping America

Originating in central Europe, Passive House (or Passivhaus, as it is known) is an advanced energy-efficiency standard that produces buildings with superior indoor air quality and thermal comfort while reducing energy use for heating and cooling.

Passive House designs use 90 percent less energy than traditional structures of a similar size, while a growing number of “Net-Zero Energy’’ buildings generate as much energy as they use.

Given that windows and doors are responsible for about a fourth of a structure’s energy loss, they are a critical factor in achieving green standards. Many of the more than 30,000 Passive Homes built in Europe incorporate door and window systems from REHAU. 

Our extensive field experience and European heritage can help you hit the mark on green standards here in North America as well, whether it’s simply to meet local zoning requirements or to achieve the highest industry benchmarks from groups like LEED (Leadership in Energy Design) and PHIUS (the Passive House Institute U.S.).

Results where it counts: On the jobsite with GENEO®

The goal was ambitious: Build a three-story, 57-unit multifamily residential complex that meets Passive House certification standards. 

Orchards at Orenco in Hillsboro, Oregon, will be one of the largest Passive House project in North America at 57,750 square feet. 

The developers selected REHAU GENEO tilt-turn windows with a hybrid uPVC-fiberglass core called RAU-FIPRO® that achieves NAFS ratings for light commercial application without using steel reinforcement.

When combined with triple-pane glazing and compression-sealed, tilt-turn operation, the GENEO with unmatched u-values of 0.13 proved up to the challenge. Preliminary air tightness tests at Orchards at Orenco after the GENEO windows and doors were installed showed that the structure was 10 times more efficient than required under Passive House standards!

Browse more reference projects here.

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