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Create a modern, industrial aesthetic with RAUVISIO carbon all-spectrum metallic PET surface.

Choose from a variety of shades providing depth and style to any space. Mix metals with our other REHAU surface solutions to craft flexible, stylish designs.With batch-to-batch color consistency and produced using the highest quality PET film (highest temperature and UV resistance of any PET film) applied over a melamine board, this surface is ideal for residential, multi-family and commercial applications. RAUVISIO carbon is resistant to fingerprints, heat, humidity and warping. 

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Advantages at a glance:

Why shops will love it:

  • Metal look without the weight
  • Clean cutting and processing

Why your customers will love it:

  • Superior UV stability
  • Unique metallic colors
  • Resistant to fingerprints, heat, humidity, and warping


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What are my options?

O40-D044 - 573

Pressed panels (2800 x 1250 x 18.5 mm)

Highest quality PET film is applied applied over a melamine board.

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