FIREPEX Installation

Seminar length1 hour
Event code380
Target groupInstallers, designers, engineers
Dates offeredUpon request

This course explores the use of RAUPEX® and EVERLOC+® for residential fire sprinkler installations.  FIREPEX systems offer many material advantages that certified/licensed fire sprinkler installers may be able to utilize in NFPA 13D and IRC P2904 applications. The design and installation considerations presented are intended to maximize the material advantages of RAUPEX. In addition, best practices for combining cold water plumbing and FIREPEX systems are outlined.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the material advantages of RAUPEX pipe and EVERLOC+ fittings for residential fire sprinkler applications
  • Explain design considerations
  • Outline best practices for FIREPEX system installations

Who should attend: Installers and designers of systems using FIREPEX will benefit from this seminar

FIREPEX installation

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