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Ski line

Ski Jump Systems by REHAU

The SKI-LINE DOUBLE TRACK system is our proprietary design solution which allows the combination of winter and summer ski jump systems into one complete module. SKI-LINE JUNIOR, SUMMER and DATA TRACK systems complete our product portfolio.

Our track systems developed in partnership with Peter Riedel are suitable for:

  • Training and junior ski jumps
  • Recreation or holiday ski jumps
  • Professional sporting events including the Olympics


  • Conserves resources and is energy-efficient
  • Guarantees competition safety for athletes and organizers
  • Guide rails offer safety track guides for athletes
  • Use all-year-round without modification
  • Guarantees constant competition conditions
  • Improves the training possibilities, also for juniors
  • Low-maintenance due to the modular construction
  • Minimizes costs due to cost-effective energetic operation
  • Less snow required when filling the winter track
  • Less manpower for training and competitions

Product Specification

Our SKI LINE DOUBLE TRACK system is made up of the following individual components:

  • Substructure
  • Modular track assembly (individual track module, snow-retaining devices, cooling pipe, guide rails, summer track mounting plate, sliding elements)
  • Cooling circuit system
  • Irrigation
  • Ice track shaper with rail system with bends
  • Track cover
  • Tarpaulin system
  • Jump measuring system with analysis software
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Icon_Dealfinder_14-5_light-grey - 75956

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