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Solutions for Agriculture

Solutions for Agriculture

We provide a range of standard and individually-developed, customer-specific hoses for plant cultivation, plant protection and the hygienic treatment of milk (dairy farming). Our hoses are available in traditional polymers (plastics), spirally reinforced and in silicone (elastomers).

REHAU offers a comprehensive solution to the agricultural industry.

Hydroponic channels

Providing Convenient and Affordable Solutions to Hydroponic Growers

The REHAU hydroponic channel is designed for meeting the needs of the expanding market of residential and commercial growers using this established technology for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Channels are available in two sizes, with various hole patterns and lengths designed for an extensive array of plants and greenhouse requirements.

  • Virgin PVC material for color consistency
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning of channel
  • Custom hole size and patterns for maximum density and improved yield
  • Multiple length channels available

A choice of sizes, hole patterns and lengths allows for cultivation of various plants:

  • Lettuce
  • Herbs
  • Foliage plants
  • Flowers

REHAU hydroponic channels are manufactured to the highest quality standard and meet several applicable specifications:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Hardness ASTM D2240 72D
  • Dimensional Stability ASTM D648 190°F
  • Tensile Strength ASTM D638 760 psi
  • Elongation at Break ASTM D638 15%
  • Flexural Yield Strength ASTM D790 14,500 ps

Milking hoses

Clean, Safe, Food Standard Compliant

RAUSIL FG and RAULAB FG hoses are REHAU's specialist silicone solution for use in milking machines.

These hoses are ideal for the hygienic treatment of milk.

RAUSIL FG and RAULAB FG are food grade approved and fulfill the requirements of recommendation XV (Silicone) of the German BfR, American FDA §177.2600 and European regulation (EG) 1935/2004.


REHAU's silicone hoses for milking machines stand out due to the following attributes:

  • Flexibility and permanent elasticity, even at low temperatures
  • Better positioning of the milking cluster on the udder
  • Optimum weight distribution results in gentle milking
  • Ageing, ozone and UV-resistant (no embrittlement)
  • High durability, long service life, less retooling work
Milking machines hoses

Plant protection clips and hoses

The protection of plants is one of the most important factors in the area of horticultural and agricultural technology. REHAU offers two solutions which fulfil this requirement; our RAUTOXAM hose for the dispersion of pesticide treatments and our silicone grafting clips.

Grafting clips

Held together naturally

REHAU grafting clips made from a special silicone formulation are used when grafting the heads of fruit trees as a binding element between the base and the fruit variety.The little helpers also ensure at the same time that the connection has the necessary stability.

Product range

The clips can be used for all fruit and vegetable types that require grafting. Different seedling grafting clip diameters are available;

  • 1.3 mm
  • 1.6 mm
  • 2.1 mm
  • 2.7 mm


  • Due to the elastic behavior of the special silicone formulation, the tightness of the grip orientates itself to the resistance of the stalk. Squashing of the stalk is therefore avoided.
  • In addition to this, the clips are highly flexible and the prevention of growth between the base of the graft and the head cutting is avoided.
  • The cutting grows out of the clip with time, i.e. the clip falls off once the grafting process is complete.
  • The physiologically harmless nature, the heat-resistance and possibility of sterilisation (in the case of an increased requirement for no bacterial contamination) are other advantages which support the use of seedling clips made from the special REHAU silicone formulation.

Pesticide tratment hose

Don't give pests a chance - When handling pesticides, safety is top priority.

'RAUTOXAM' hoses are therefore subject to very strict quality inspections and fulfil the directives and accident prevention guidelines of the trade associations for the agricultural sector.

REHAU's 'RAUTOXAM' hose is used in the dispersion of pesticide treatment as part of the agricultural process. It is used with agricultural machinery.


  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Weathering and ageing-resistant
  • Cadmium-free
  • Easy to handle

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