Radiant Heating and Cooling

What if the heat were radiating from the floor instead? 

By conditioning building surfaces, in-slab hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems provide exceptional comfort with less energy than conventional air-based systems. You will achieve the most favorable HVAC total cost of ownership by integrating radiant as the primary heating and cooling source and downsizing the air-handling system.

The case for radiant is especially strong in spaces with high ceilings and lots of window glazing, because it concentrates heat energy where the occupants are while minimizing heat gains and losses. Hands down, radiant is the most effective way to heat hangars, because the heat energy is held in the building structure rather than the air that quickly escapes when hangar doors are opened.

REHAU Hydronics

FedEx Hangar

Radiant heating makes a big difference for a busy FedEx facility.

FedEx Hangar Project