Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Focused on your window - not the view? It’s time for a new perspective. It’s window replacement time.

Modernizing your windows can be a stand-alone project, but should definitely not be overlooked during any major interior or exterior renovations. Consider new windows: when replacing siding and exterior trim, when stark white ruins your new interior color palette, when worn windows no longer let you enjoy a fresh spring breeze and protect you from harsh elements.

You are bothered by drafts and noise

Seals wear. Corner joints loosen. To renew your protection against air leakage and noise, you’ll probably need more than a little caulking and weather stripping.

Your energy bill is high

You enjoy lots of glass. Great views. With only single pane glass between you and the outside world, heat energy is always heading in the wrong direction, robbing you of comfort and efficiency.

Opening and closing is difficult

Wood windows warp. Aluminum corrodes. Operating and locking hardware fails. Gaps, excess friction and even the risk of a window sash slamming shut are the result.

There’s fog between the panes

Your 25-year old window is likely to contribute to condensation. This could lead to mold, which could be a risk to your family’s health.

Your home needs some sprucing up and your old windows just don’t do it for you anymore

There is no way to sugarcoat it: old windows look, well, old and faded and dated. No amount of window treatments will change that.