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Up to 55% less installation time*

It is no secret that installing aluminum windows is an endeavor of its own: cutting receptors, sill flashes/sub sills and caulking mechanical corners are among the time-consuming steps. Forget about all of these with ÄSPEKT. Integral water management, available accessory grooves and nailing fins as well as fusion-welded corners will make life so much easier for you and your team. Cut down on installation steps and components with ÄSPEKT.

In a 500-window project, for example, this means time savings of up to 209 hours with ÄSPEKT compared to aluminum casement units.

* vs. comparable thermally broken aluminum casement windows

Say goodbye to the time-intensive addition of sill pans/pan flashing systems, which are unavoidable when it comes to installing aluminum windows. Say goodbye to deadline-jeopardizing installation procedures and let us take the complexity and tediousness out of your installations with ÄSPEKT. The time for simplicity has come. 


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