Worry-free Longevity & Peace of Mind

Up to 10 times less leakage potential*

Windows are a major part of the building envelope, expected to play their part in insulating against wind, water, heat, cold and noise. All too often, aluminum windows start leaking water only a few years after their installation. What comes next is far from desirable or pleasant to deal with: angry tenants and the need to replace the windows. With ÄSPEKT’s anti-leakage design, we aim to save you and your tenants from this mess. Compared to aluminum windows with mechanical corner connections, ÄSPEKT reduces the risk of leakage into your wall to practically Zero. 

* vs. comparable thermally broken aluminum casement windows

ÄSPEKT’s fusion-welded corners and continuous frame design are only two of the important features that add up to superior resistance when it comes to keeping water where it belongs: Out. So you and your tenants can enjoy ÄSPEKT’s comfort for decades.


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