Performance Excellence & Design Freedom

Up to 45% better energy performance*

Let our revolutionary window system ÄSPEKT work for you to achieve better energy savings. The properties of uPVC combined with a sophisticated multi-chambered design, elevated by a proprietary, highly engineered triple-seal technology – these are the ingredients that enable ÄSPEKT to outperform alternative window systems.

For a 10,000 ft2 window area, for example, this means energy savings of up to $14,000 in Maryland or up to $21,000 in Wisconsin, just in the first year, with ÄSPEKT vs. comparable aluminum casement windows.

* vs. comparable thermally broken aluminum casement windows

With glazing capabilities of up to 1 3/8” and no thermal bridging, ÄSPEKT’s outstanding U-value of 0.17 is within your reach. And with more than 1,500 design options, you don’t have to limit your creativity.


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