High-Efficiency Homes: A Smart Choice

Increase Energy Efficiency And Improve Comfort

Radiant heating and cooling systems deliver an impressive balance of efficiency and satisfaction. 

REHAU geothermal ground loop probe

Add Geothermal For Up To 70% Energy Savings

Traditional HVAC can't come close to the efficiency of geothermal. 

Are your customers requesting more energy-efficient heating systems? 

Geothermal, radiant heating and smart controls -- only REHAU offers you this industry-leading combination of durable PEXa piping systems and intelligent controls that can make your next residential or light-commercial HVAC project truly exceptional.

Our customers are among the most successful architects, engineers and mechanical contractors in the business. By combining our high-performance systems with the technical and on-the-job support that begins the moment you choose REHAU, you too can enjoy the same success.

Systems and Technologies

Radiant Heating

Warm, gentle heat unmatched in comfort, efficiency and flexibility.

Geothermal for the Home

This low cost, renewable energy is simply the most efficient form of heating and cooling that exists.