The REHAU EDGE Contractor Development Program promotes teamwork and communication among our channel partners. Team members share and support common goals -- increased business success, professional development and market awareness.

REHAU EDGE offers seven benefit levels -- Entry, Nickel, Aluminum, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The program encourages all aspects of your business growth through training, design services, brand merchandise and team events.

REHAU Academy
The REHAU Academy training program offers you the skills to design and install REHAU products professionally. You will be able to sell more efficient geothermal and heating solutions to your customers using this industry leading technical knowledge. This knowledge also helps to minimize liability exposure.

REHAU Design Services
REHAU offers state-of-the-art design software and services, providing you with the tools to install a properly designed system. Approach projects at a higher professional level, and set yourself apart as an expert in your field.

REHAU Merchandise
REHAU is a premium brand. As a result, contractors who install REHAU PEXa systems are recognized as respected professionals who regard quality above all else. You will receive merchandise and marketing materials that will help you promote the messages of the REHAU brand to your customers.

REHAU Team Events
During local, regional and national events, you will meet fellow team members from REHAU corporate offices, REHAU sales offices, manufacturer's representatives and wholesalers. You will have the opportunity to develop professional relationships at all levels of the business.