Easy-Care Comfort

REHAU Fenster sind mit einer besonderen Oberfläche ausgestattet. Damit gehört lästiges Putzen der Vergangenheit an.

Use your time for other things!

Nobody likes to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining their windows and doors. That’s why we have designed our systems for heavy use while withstanding the wearing effects of long-term exposure to the elements and years of repeated opening and closing. 

  • HDF (High-Definition Finish) Surfaces Wipe Clean With Water

Our windows and doors feature an especially smooth surface with a sophisticated sheen. Dirt and dust are less likely to cling to the surface, and cleaning is effortless. Simply use water and a cloth. 

  • Minimal Maintenance Required

Once a year, simply lubricate the movable components with a drop of cooking oil (e.g. vegetable oil).

REHAU Windows Offer Low Maintenance

Coarser surfaces allow dirt to stick more easily and make it harder to remove.

HDF (High-Definition Finishing) technology creates a smoother surface which makes it more difficult for dirt to stick.

Our windows and doors can do more.

They can help you:

What style do you want? In our range of window and door systems, you will find the perfect one for your home:

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REHAU ÄSPEKT casement window system offers unique features to make your life easier.
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System 1400

System 1400 is a truly versatile system with frames available with or without an integral nailing fin.
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System 190

A window that combines the simplicity of a side-load design with high performance.
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System 4500

The tilt-turn is the dominant window style in Europe, now gaining popularity in North America.

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