American Ingenuity + German Engineering = Excellence in Performance and Style 

REHAU became one of the first companies to introduce welded vinyl window systems to North America in 1976, already having become a household name for value engineering throughout Europe. And while many early vinyl window builders sacrificed quality for price in the American market, REHAU never compromised, never stopped pushing design and engineering boundaries.

Superior Profiles

The frame and sash at the heart of every REHAU window system boast thicker uPVC walls that make the product sturdier and, in a REHAU breakthrough, appropriate for commercial applications as well as residential.

Many Style Options

Style, shape, surface and color options provide architects, builders and homeowners with maximum flexibility.

In-house & Third-party Testing

For structural integrity, thermal performance, acoustical insulation, moisture resistance and ease of operation.

Up to Triple Glazing 

Glazing channels can accommodate up to three panes of glass for maximum energy efficiency and acoustic performance.  

REHAU’s in-house design team supports custom applications, product enhancements and new product development. Custom design services include modification of existing window and door systems to meet the needs of architects or contractors on specific projects as well as regional differences.

That same sensitivity to market demand also translates into new and enhanced product development. With an ear always to the ground, our designers prototype, test and build the tools necessary to regularly upgrade and expand our window and door product portfolio.