Raw Materials are Mixed In-House to Ensure Durability, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Most products are only as good as the material used to make them, which is why the formula for the uPVC (polyvinyl chloride) used in every window and door system at REHAU is a closely held company secret. We mix all raw materials in-house rather than relying on ready-made formulations from outside vendors. The resulting profiles feature qualities not available anywhere else.

Just like the kitchen staff at a fine restaurant, the REHAU “chefs” at our in-house chemistry department are constantly testing and optimizing these formulations to meet the strictest standards.

Example in point #1

We meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) by adjusting our uPVC formulas for each of the widely varying North American climate zones. REHAU’s window and door systems are part of the AAMA Profile Certification Program, assuring consistent quality that is verified by an independent auditor twice a year. 

Example in point #2

Our latest breakthrough formula, called RAU-FIPRO, combines both PVC and fiberglass for outstanding strength and load capacities without relying on steel reinforcement. Similar to the fiber-composite materials used in aeronautics, RAU-FIPRO addresses the increasing demand for high efficiency window and door products that hold up in commercial applications.

Example in point #3

UV (ultraviolet) light can break down uPVC, causing it to fade and crack over time. We are constantly testing and improving our formulas for UV stability. So, while most extruders are stingy with titanium dioxide to cut costs, we add more of this expensive ingredient because it is critical to keeping the white WHITE in vinyl windows for decades, no matter the conditions. 

Extensive Weather Testing

After extensive weather testing in Arizona (dry climate, high radiation), Florida (humid, hot climate) and Ohio (industrial, moderate climate), REHAU uPVC continuously outperforms standard vinyl with the same like-new color and sheen on day 1,825 (that’s five years) as day one. Given the demand for multiple colors and wood grain/metal-like finishes, we also do extensive comparative testing of our RENOLIT EXOFOL foil surfacing against other colored, painted, foiled and capstocked (resin coated) windows.