Our mission is to ALWAYS raise the bar on vinyl windows and doors: From aesthetics to operation, energy efficiency to sustainability, structural integrity to innovative design.

Want scientific proof?

Every one of REHAU’s window and door systems undergoes stringent testing protocols to ensure that they surpass standards for all the following industry benchmarks:

Exceeds All NAFS Structural Criteria

REHAU window and door designs – from tilt-­turn, casement and hung/slider windows to French and sliding doors – undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed air, water and structural benchmarks set by the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS). Excellence here means a highly durable barrier between indoor spaces and the exterior environment, including infiltration – keeping air and moisture out – and exfiltration – keeping warm or cooled air in. Thicker and engineered uPVC walls also make the product sturdier and thus NAFS-rated for commercial applications as well as residential.

Thermal Performance Drives Energy Efficiency

REHAU windows and doors achieve industry-leading energy efficiency by combining proprietary uPVC formulation and extrusion, low-­e glazing capabilities and compression-seal technologies. Fully compliant with all applicable energy codes and ENERGY STAR® ratings, our window and door systems deliver U-­Values as low as 0.13 Btu/hr*ft²*°F.

Perceived Noise Reduction of 90 to 95 Percent

Honking horns, blaring sirens, roaring jets or even a neighbor’s lawn mower – typical urban din, in other words – can seriously compromise quality of life. REHAU windows and doors help wall out these common annoyances by achieving top ratings in sound abatement. Very few vinyl windows on the market today can match this standard.

Hurricane Rated for Impact and Air Pressure

Add “hurricane rated” to our long list of certifications in coastal regions where windows and doors are required to withstand hurricane impacts and high wind pressure.