Passive House | Net Zero

Passive House | Net Zero

Homeowners, Builders Choose REHAU Windows and Doors to Meet Passive House Standards

Windows and doors are often a home’s biggest energy vampires. REHAU has been changing that reality by designing highly energy-efficient windows and doors – and is recognized throughout the industry as a leading supporter of the Passive House movement that originated in Europe and is now sweeping North America.

Passive House refers to a home that uses 90 percent less energy than a similar-sized standard home, while “Net Zero Energy’’ buildings generate as much energy as they use. If you’re here, you are serious about the impact of home heating, cooling and electrical use on carbon emissions. And you know that while many factors go into green construction, achieving Passive House, Net Zero or LEED® certifications is impossible without the latest in window and door technologies. That’s why many of the more than 30,000 Passive Homes built in Europe, as well as a growing number here in North America, started with REHAU door and window systems.

Advantage REHAU with Advanced Framing Materials, Glazing Capacity and Compression-seal Technology

To achieve the trifecta of exceptional energy efficiency, windows and doors from REHAU excel on three critical measures:

uPVC Formulation

Our secret uPVC formulation and proprietary extrusion technology create window and door profiles with outstanding thermal performance of up to 35 percent better than other residential vinyl windows.

Compression-Seal Technology

uPVC frames and sashes and fusion-welded corners are combined with a sophisticated multi-chambered design and compression-seal technology. A minimum of three seals are co-extruded with each window and door profile for a welded fit that is incredibly tight.

Glazing Capability

REHAU windows and doors are designed to accommodate dual-, triple- and even quad-pane glazing up to 2”, which further helps keep warm air in on cool days, hot air out on warm days. With u-Values down to 0.13, this far surpasses the 0.37 u-Value of economy windows.

Right off the blue print, you can count on energy savings of more than 30 percent with REHAU window systems; And those comparative efficiency advantages expand as standard vinyl, wood or aluminum start to deteriorate.