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The affordable solution

The introduction of AfriSlim offers a solution for developers who wish to combine economy with efficiency. Designed in South Africa for the African market, this system increases the value of any home with its aesthetic good looks and durability.

Glazing Options

REHAU AfriSlim windows can be glazed with 4mm Single Glazed Glass to 18mm Double Glazed SIG (Sealed Insulated Glass) Units.

Coupling Options

AfriSlim windows can be joined together for larger spans of windows in dormitories or factory / warehousing applications using specially designed couplers with and without steel. The AfriSlim 36mm system can also be coupled to the Ecotec 60mm system allowing AfriSlim windows to be coupled to Ecotec Doors and Sliding Doors.

Window with Variable Re-Inforcing

With REHAU AfriSlim windows you have the option to use either the Composite Re-Inforcing (for smaller windows up to 800mm x 800mm with single glazing) or Steel Re-Inforcing for the larger windows in order to increase the I Values of the windows.The advantage for both the end user and fabricator is that the Composite and Steel reinforcing have the same shape for both the Frame and Sash profiles (opening profile). Less profiles to carry in stock = lower costs.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives