Promotion of junior staff

Promotion of junior staff at REHAU: Tiny Tots Science Corner

Promotion of junior staff at REHAU: Technology for children

Promotion of junior staff at REHAU

Promotion of junior staff at REHAU: Girl's Day

Promotion of junior staff: youth researches

Promotion of junior staff: Upper Franconia secondary school champion

The sound pipes were very well received in the Johannes kindergarten in Rehau.

The sound pipes were very well received in the Johannes kindergarten in Rehau.

Tiny Tots Science Corner

Nationwide the non-profit foundation "Tiny Tots Science Corner" campaigns for children in nurseries and primary schools to be educated in the areas of sciences, maths and technology. REHAU supports this campaign and has donated a set of sound tubes to 25 nursery schools, with which the little ones can make music to their heart's content. The unusual instruments were produced by REHAU apprentices. They converted the original underfloor heating pipes and made them ring.

Promotion of junior staff: Technology for children

The REHAU apprentice Christian Maas proudly presented the running motor to Adis Lolič and Nicolai Roßbach (from left) 

Technology for children

Not for the first time since the Pisa study we have become aware of the significance of the so-called MINT subjects and how important it is to stimulate interest for the sciences in children as early as possible. The German association "TfK – Technik für Kinder e.V. [Technology for children]" promotes and encourages young technical talent. REHAU also pursues this aim. After forming a cooperation in Viechtach in lower Bavaria, the Company and the association started a new project together with the primary schools in the town of Rehau. In 6 x 2 lessons a total of 36 pupils from years 4 and 5 were introduced to technology by way of practical tasks. The girls and boys were initially allowed to experiment freely and get a taste of the subject. In the subsequent lessons the children studied everyday objects and how they work. During this process they were not instructed by a teacher, but REHAU apprentices.

Promotion of junior staff: Girl's Day

Welding by bending, routing and plastic bending - no problem with a little help for the participants of the Girls' Day.

Girls' Day

Since 2001 the Girls' Day has taken place once a year. It is coordinated nationwide in Germany by the Centre of excellence for technology, diversity and equal opportunities and is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as well as funding from the European Social Fund. 1.2 million schoolgirls have so far participated in their activities. The Girls' Day offers girls a special information program that introduces them to professions that were previously mainly held by men, and makes it possible to experience them. In 2013 REHAU offered 51 places across Germany in Rehau in Upper Franconia, in Brake in Lower Saxony, in Viechtach in Bavaria and in Wittmund in East Friesia and provided girls with an insight into technical professions.

Promotion of junior staff - Campus of Excellence "Future talent"

63 classmates were selected for the "future talent" product

Campus of Excellence – "Future talent"

As part of a new cooperation REHAU is looking for hidden "treasures" at secondary schools together with the education initiative "Campus of Excellence".

The "future talent" pilot project that will run for five years is split into two phases: The Campus visits the participants from the partner schools during school time. Experienced mentors from science support the young talent during the training. They attend, amongst other things, a training camp with workshops on topics such as communication, media, marketing, presentation and put together a theatre project. This should allow the youngsters to discover their strengths and let out their creativity. The initiators wanted to improve the suitability of the boys and girls for training and to reduce the dropout rate. The patron of the project is Minister for the Interior Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich.

Promotion of junior staff: Upper Franconia secondary school champion

The secondary school champions from the Hof district posed proudly and happily for a souvenir photo 

Upper Franconia secondary school champion

The "Upper Franconia secondary school champion" project set up by the companies Brose, KSB, REHAU and the savings banks in conjunction with the representatives of the secondary schools in Upper Franconia honours pupils who commit themselves to a high level. From May the 28 secondary schools in Upper Franconia with around 20,000 pupils were asked to put forward youngsters with outstanding commitment for the award. In 2013, 85 girls and boys aged between 11 and 17 were awarded certificates and prize money for sporting, musical, scientific or social commitment.

Promotion of junior staff: youth researches

The prize winner from the Alexander-von-Humboldt secondary school in Bayreuth wanted to use the money for the next "youth research" projects

Youth researches

Brilliant minds are behind genius inventions. The aim is to promote young talents. Exactly this is the objective of the "junior research" competition, which has been held on a national level since 1965.  REHAU also subscribes to this philosophy. The company has held the so-called school prize for Upper Franconian educational facilities, which have contributed ideas to the competition since 2008. The prize money amounts to 500 Euros per school. Eight Upper Franconian educational facilities were awarded the prize in 2013.