As a graduate you have many possibilities by REHAU

Accomplished: You have successfully completed your studies or apprenticeship. It is now time to tackle your career. Are you interested in joining a privately-owned company and do you have a passion for technology? At REHAU we offer you a range of options for direct entry or for participating in our international trainee program.

Whatever route you choose - here you can expect a variety of professional opportunities, exciting tasks and extensive development opportunities in the administration offices as well as in the sales offices or in the production plants.


Start the REHAU trainee program and find out what you're made of

Direct entry

You will be able to develop your full potential and discover what prospects REHAU holds for you
Lifelong learning for individuel development and career prospects

Lifelong learning

REHAU offers you a wide range of opportunities for your individual development and career prospects.

Video series: People drive REHAU

In the video clips we will show you how versatile the range of tasks is and what drives REHAU employees on a daily ...