Your Questions - our answers

Do you have questions about the opportunities for students at REHAU? Below we have compiled the most frequently asked questions on this topic. If your question is not covered, please send us an e-mail via the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

In which areas of the Company and at which locations does REHAU offer work placements / work experience / final theses?
Due to its broad positioning REHAU offers interesting and exciting tasks in almost all areas of the Company as well as at all locations for various study programs.

Technical areas of employment:

  • Product development
  • Design
  • Process engineering
  • Operations
  • Research and development / Chemistry
  • Quality management
  • Production technology
  • Computer science (information systems/technology, computer centre, EDP organisation IT for logistics and production)

Commercial areas of employment:

  • Marketing / Sales
  • Logistics / Supply Chain Management
  • Accounting and Finance, Controlling
  • Purchasing
  • HR
  • Public Relations
  • Legal
  • Claims / Complaints
  • Patents

What characteristics do I need as a student for a work placement / a working student activity /
a final thesis?

A student must be permanently enrolled at a college or university or have entered into another sort of training agreement for the entire duration of the work placement / working student activity / final thesis. Exceptions are student work placements or mandatory pre-study practical course prior to study. We also expect you to have a genuine interest in the area of the Company in which you wish to be employed.

The following prerequisites are also included in our conditions of employment:

  • Good academic achievement
  • Strong personality
  • Commitment / Initiative
  • Social skills / Team and communication skills
  • Open mindedness
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Foreign languages / Knowledge of English

How long should a work placement take?
We usually offer work placements lasting eight weeks or more. In exceptions this can be reduced to non-term times. Ideally you should complete a work placement lasting for a period of between three and six months.  Particularly for work placements abroad, a longer period of at least four months is sensible.

The duration of the mandatory work placement depends on the guidelines of the respective college and is usually between three and six months.

Can I do a mandatory work placement or a work placement to prepare for study at REHAU?
There is the opportunity to do mandatory work placements at REHAU. In accordance with the respective guidelines of the colleges or universities we offer you the opportunity to gain an insight into our Company as part of pre-study practical courses and basic practical training as well as outside of term-time.

Technical basic practical training or pre-study practical courses can only be carried out at REHAU locations that have a training workshop because of the required content (turning, drilling, filing, routing, soldering, etc.). These are predominantly the Rehau and Feuchtwangen locations.

Can I apply to do a work placement followed by a final thesis?
A combination of work placement and final thesis is generally possible. We must however check in the individual case if a challenging project, that is suitable for a final thesis, exists and support from REHAU can be guaranteed. Ultimately we want to help you to produce a good final degree. 

Where can I do a work placement abroad with REHAU and what do I need to be aware of when applying?
As a global group of companies we of course offer attractive opportunities for work placements abroad. We mainly organise work placements abroad at our European locations.
You should schedule at least four months for an international work placement. The remuneration is adjusted to the cost of living of the respective country. We will support you with looking for accommodation and with obtaining a visa where necessary.
Work placements abroad are assigned by the central applicant management department in Germany. Take the initiative and send us a speculative application approx. six months prior to the planned work placement start date using our online form, which you will find in our vacancies section.

Please write the covering letter and CV in both German and the respective local language.

How can I apply to do a work placement / a working student activity / a final thesis? I cannot find a suitable position. How can I submit a speculative application?
In our job exchange you will find all of the work placement positions and an initial extract of the current final thesis topics that we are offering at the moment.
You are of course also welcome to submit a speculative application. In this case tell us your preferred area and period of employment.
We prefer applications via the online form that you will find in our vacancies section.

If you wish to send us your application by post or e-mail descriptive and detailed documents are important for us.

Can I do a work placement at REHAU once I have completed my studies?
As a "fair company" REHAU does not apply graduates under an apprenticeship agreement. Companies that participate in the Fair Company Initiative voluntarily undertake to observe various rules. For example, they do not fill any full time positions with students on work experience, pay adequate remuneration, make students on work experience aware of feedback options and do not lure interested parties in with the vague prospect of a full time position. The Fair Company Initiative is therefore a tried and tested compass for graduates when looking for fair working conditions. 

For which groups of people is a work placement / a working student activity offered at REHAU?
A student must be permanently enrolled at a college or university or have entered into another sort of training agreement for the entire duration of the work placement / working student activity. Exceptions are student work placements or mandatory pre-study practical courses prior to study.

Does REHAU pay remuneration for work placements and final theses?
You will receive voluntary remuneration that reflects the pay that is common for the sector for students on work experience / final theses.

How far in advance do I have to apply for a work placement / a working student activity / a final thesis?
You can apply to REHAU to do a work placement, work experience or a final thesis throughout the year. Ideally send us your application approx. four to six months before your required start date. However, tasks or topics could also come up in our specialist departments at short notice. You could therefore have success in these cases with a shorter lead time.

Which documents should my application include?
Please provide us with the following documents:

  • Write to us specifying your required area and period of employment
  • CV
  • Certificates (school leaving certificate, academic achievements, evidence of work placements/employer references
  • Other qualification documents

I have applied to REHAU. What is the next step?
You will receive written confirmation from us as soon as we have received your documents.
There is more information under  Bewerben bei REHAU (Applying to REHAU).

If you have any further questions you can contact Nadine Schardt or Larissa Pelz directly.