Forward thinking

From start to success

Five strategic core themes define REHAU's orientation: Energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, water management, mobility and living, and workspaces. To fulfill these commitments, REHAU initiates system developments that incorporate powerful technologies and sustainable principles.

Energy efficiency

The responsible and efficient use of energy in buildings is our mission. For many years now,  our product and system solutions have been reducing energy losses from the basement to the roof and ensuring that that the available  energy is used more effectively. And we're still improving. Every day.

Renewable energy

Whether wind power, geothermal energy, biomass or hydrogen: A wide range of our product solutions ensure that these naturally occurring, renewable energy sources can be extracted in an environmentally sound way, used in a sustainable, efficient manner, distributed, and safely and accessibly stored. For the good of people and nature.

Water management

As an experienced system specialist, we put our water-management expertise to the test. Again and again. Our product solutions represent the complete cycle: from the source to extraction, subsequent recirculation of waste and surface water and ultimately the re-treatment of the water.


We're forging ahead with the dynamic development of groundbreaking mobility concepts: With composite materials and production methods that make vehicles and aircraft lighter and safer as well as with extremely robust system components for alternative drive technologies that can transform mobility.

Living and working worlds

Global trends and personalized demands are the ingredients from which we develop new ideas for attractive living and working spaces. Our product solutions combine functionality with design and offer the furniture industry the freedom to create new furniture and design concepts.


2 billion people are without access to clean drinking water and are dependent on rivers, lakes, streams or pools.
There are currently more than
7 billion people on earth. Forecast: Over 8 billion by 2024
2.3 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation facilities.
In industrialized countries: 6,5000 watts per capita per day.
The number of passenger vehicles produced worldwide is projected to reach almost 100,000,000 units in 2017.
By 2025 the global CO2 load caused by air traffic will reach 1.5 billion metric tons (today:670 billion tons annually).
80% of 20-29 year olds think that thanks to public transportation it is no longer necessary to own a car in the city.