Energy Efficiency

Meeting rising energy demand

The worldwide hunger for energy continues to grow unabated. While public discussions revolve almost exclusively around the question  of the source of energy, what is needed above all else is solutions to avoid energy loss.

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REHAU makes a number of contributions to the effective use of precious energy resources. This manifests as efficient products, innovative materials and resource-conserving production methods. REHAU continuously develops and refines energy-efficient system solutions for nearly every area of daily life: for substantial weight reductions in automotive and aircraft design, for reducing energy consumption in supermarkets and public facilities as well as for minimizing energy losses in private living spaces.

Whether you're building or renovating, modern window and door profiles made of polymers or composites make a major contribution to preventing energy losses. Innovative surface-heating and -cooling systems in floors and concrete walls enable sustainable and efficient use of energy – particularly in combination with environmentally sound geothermal energy extraction. We develop our solutions together with partners in a wide variety of industries to ensure that they function efficiently and for the good of the environment.  

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Expertise for energy management

On land, in the air and at sea, the global challenge today is to manage energy use in a sparing and conscious manner. Forward-looking system solutions from REHAU are used in private homes and production facilities, in aircraft and automobiles, in rural areas and urban centers. This makes it possible to extract energy in an environmentally sound manner, use it efficiently and minimize energy losses.

Expertise for energy management

1. Underfloor heating in combination with geothermal power

2. Geothermal vertical ground loops
3. In-run track systems for ski jumping hills
4. Environmentally sound production methods
5. Concrete core tempering
6. Systems for commercial cooling machines
7. Underfloor heating/cooling
8. Lightweight construction materials in aircraft design
9. Climate control technology / emission control for power plants

10. Local and district heating systems
11. Hazardous substance reduction in commercial vehicles
12. Insulated industrial piping systems
13. Lightweight construction for the automotive industry
14. Window and façade systems
15. Air and geothermal heat exchangers