Living and working worlds

Designing spaces

Around the world, global cities are emerging as economic centers. But it's not just in cities that attractive living and working spaces are becoming ever more scarce and expensive. It's a development that calls for flexible furnishing and design concepts for attractive living and working worlds.

Color philosophy
REHAU is in touch with global trends and individual demands, integrates function and design, designs attractive indoor and outdoor areas and dissolves the boundaries between the living and working worlds. Where people seek a place of refuge, our systems help make the world more personalized, more flexible and more mobile.

In the future, living spaces will be increasingly adapted to cultural and individual requirements, for example through age-appropriate design or acoustically optimized spaces. The recycling of materials in production also impacts the development and design of future products. REHAU is an experienced development partner and source of fresh ideas for the furniture industry – from edgeband materials to prefabricated components. 

Living and working worlds

Space to live

As a development partner and decades-long source of fresh ideas for the design and furniture industries, REHAU plays an active role in shaping living spaces. Whether in private residences, in the office or in public facilities: Wherever they're used, our product and system solutions make a major difference, albeit usually a subtle one, in ensuring that personal well-being, comfort and safety are a part of everyday life.

Living and working worlds

1. Systems for acoustics / sound absorption
2. Furniture and design concepts
3. Systems for sanitary facilities
4. Systems for design and function
5. Closure solutions for cabinets
6. Surface materials
7. Products for outdoor areas / patios
8. Watering systems