Finding new ways

In many regions of the world, megacities with more than 10 million inhabitants are facing urgent transport policy issues. Mobility concepts that have evolved gradually over years are faced with revolutionary changes.

Fuel cell
As a development partner and leading system provider internationally, REHAU is taking an active role in shaping the mobile future. We focus on system development for the fields of painted exterior body parts, air and water management and sealing systems. With specially developed high-performance fiber-reinforced composite materials, we help ensure that vehicle and aircraft are becoming ever lighter and safer.

Together with universities and research institutions, we are playing a major role in ensuring that, thanks to new developments, new drive technologies will, in the not-too-distant future, take their place in the automotive world – for instance on the basis of fuel cell technology. To ensure that this technology can be widely successful, it first needs a safe and robust storage and transport infrastructure for the fuel. REHAU is developing a highly resistant pressurized hydrogen tank through a novel production method.


The Power of Progress

In the dynamic field of mobility, numerous technologies are in competition with each other. The key questions are what makes sense environmentally, and what is economically feasible? With resource-conserving production methods, lightweight construction materials and products, REHAU has established itself as a successful development partner of the automotive, railway and aviation industries and as an innovator in the field of alternative drive technologies.


1. Lightweight components for aircraft design
2. Systems for rail vehicles
3. Lightweight components for vehicles
4. Cw-coefficient reduction through optimized components
5. Pneumatic and sealing systems
6. Fluid systems for exhaust reduction
7. Storage of hydrogen
8. Transmission of hydrogen
9. Mini-hydraulic cables for bicycles and e-bikes
10. Systems for electromobility / cable protection