Light, lighter, ultralight - Composite components from REHAU

Dr. Ahmad Al-Sheyyab and the future of lightweight design

Innovation Award: Hall of Fame

An inventive mind and the will to succeed have always driven our company. 

"Is Hydrogen Technology the breakthrough?"

Interview with Martin Wippermann, member of REHAU's Automotive Business Management Team

On the trail of mobility trends

REHAU researches polymer load-bearing stuctures for electromobility Polymer specialist REHAU is consistently ...

Intelligent cushioning

REHAU redefines side impact protection In addition to many technical innovations, the “Citroën C4 Cactus” also ...

Cooking with biogas

Cooking with Biogas Since June 2012, the REHAU project team leaders have been hard at work to drastically and ...

Natural Hightech

Several very large silos stand next to the REHAU production plant in Neulengbach, Lower Austria. They contain wood ...

High-Flying Polymers

High-Flying Polymers In aeronautics, weight is directly proportional to fuel consumption, so every single gram ...
Ralf Winterling,Technical Head of ‘Traffic Route Engineering’ at REHAU

The future energy source

The energy source of the future Hydrogen is one of the basic building blocks of the universe. It is found, ...

Centralized REHAU technology

At REHAU, research and development into new processes as well as into core process engineering is the remit of ...
Research, Development, innovation, innovative products materials, Dr. Martin Watzlawek

Why is REHAU so innovative?

At REHAU, inventiveness is everywhere you look. Good ideas conjured up by our staff and partners are turned into ...

Material expertise network

The Corporate Research and Development Material (C-R&D MAT) department is REHAU’s global material expertise network.
Dr. Steven Schmidt, Recycling, Plastic recyclate, reduce CO₂emissions

Recyclate for new product life

From cable ducts to bumpers The history of plastics is an ongoing success story. Daily life is just inconceivable ...
Laser Technology, edgeband Laser welding, laser scribing, laser cutting, rehau

Laser for processing plastics

Laser welding, laser scribing and laser cutting are essential techniques that REHAU employs when processing ...