Natural Hightech

Several very large silos stand next to the REHAU production plant in Neulengbach, Lower Austria. They contain wood fibers and granulate ready for compounding the plant’s own WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composites), i.e. thermoplastic composites made of various ratios of wood (normally in the form of wood flour), polymers and additives. REHAU exploits the benefits of homegrown wood obtained from

RELAZZO decking planks are manufactured from environmentally-friendly RAUWOOD, a high-quality wood-polymer-composite developed by REHAU itself. These planks stand out in terms of their excellent material properties. Lastingly shape-stable, weather resistant, easy-care, durable and non-splintering, they set all kinds of standards. “To date, the configuration and interplay of various compounding processes in a single integrated process has never been achieved before and, following numerous trials and material tests, a patent was applied for”, says Nico Kuske, Head of REHAU Team Compound. “This lends extra fascination to an already exciting project”. By carrying out its own compounding, REHAU is in a position to produce a high-quality WPC compound with outstanding characteristics internally. This process creates a basis for flexibly further developing REHAU’s entire WPC product range to meet the demands of tomorrow. The introduction of this new process means that new technologies and plant components had to be explored and new raw materials, some of them used for the very first time, had to be procured and processed.

Today, REHAU is setting new standards with RELAZZO, and in terms of sustainability too. Because more than 50% of the wood used in the RAUWOOD formulation, developed by REHAU itself, comes from local sustainable forestry. The company made a conscious decision to opt for the environmentally-friendly alternative to tropical wood. In addition, the planks are entirely recyclable.


  • Nico Kuske (Graduate Engineer) (
  • Corporate Process Engineering, Corporate Research & Development Process Technologies
  • With REHAU since September 2004