Surface finishing


Impressive appearance, tangible structure

Surfaces and edgeband decorative designs have been further developed over the years and today, various wood and stone types can be accurately recreated, realistic looks and natural textures can be achieved. Grain structures, grooves, branches, waves – the variety is endless.

REHAU offers a versatile repertoire of embossings and lacquer effects, which are modelled on the different textures found in nature, such as "wood", "stone", "nature" or "creative".

Surface finishes can be combined with all existing edgeband ranges made by REHAU. The lacquer effects from the "finish" range impress with completely new textures.

The focus is also obviously on the functionality of the surface.

The micro-fine or ultra matt surfaces of the "finish" range also stand out because of their functional properties such as increased durability and scratch resistance.



  • Lacquer variants from elegant matt to mirror gloss
  • Structured surfaces enhance the natural look
  • Realistic look and texture
  • Matches various laminates/surfaces
  • Innovation: Textile embossing and also various stone and wood embossings




  • Over 10,000 decorative designs
  • Depth printing with up to 6 colours
  • Printing on the reverse
  • Clear lacquer decorative printing


  • Over 70 embossing structures
  • Embossing on the reverse
  • Single-layer and multi-layer
  • Lacquer embossing


  • Full-surface protective coating
  • Partial effect lacquer application
  • Gloss levels from <6 to >85 gloss level points
  • Use of special additive