Deceptively real to the core

For the through wood grain effect we present RAUKANTEX natura, the wood structure of which is emphasised even in the radius area. The decpetively real wood texture is created by a special manufacturing process right through to the core. The wood effect is therefore not lost after machining the radius area.

You will find several thousand variations in our repertoire, each corresponding to the wood effect of the board surface.

From the classic modern types of wood such as maple, cherry, alder, pear, oak and beach right through to special design types such as birdeye, root effect or pine the transition from the board surface to edgeband is visually matches. RAUKANTEX natura is available in ABS and PP materials.



  • Deceptively real wood texture through to the core
  • Wood effect remains even after the radius has been milled
  • ABS and PP materials
  • Also available as RAUKANTEX laser edge