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REHAU is a global leader in polymer solutions for construction, automotive and industry. Around the world, we offer our customers in every market innovative system solutions and outstanding service from a single source. Even today, we are already directing our developments toward such future-significant topics as energy efficiency, renewable energy, water management, mobility and future living. With approximately 20,000 employees at more than 170 locations, our independent privately held corporation has assumed a leadership role as an innovation driver and solution provider.

Founding of company

Founded in 1948 in the Bavarian town of Rehau, the company was successful in identifying many opportunities to replace traditional materials with more effective, polymer-based materials. Initial products included shoe welting, garden hose and automotive components.

REHAU established a North American division in Montreal called Plasticana in 1959, which initially sold products including tires, tiles and handrails. The North American headquarters moved to Leesburg, Virginia, in 1979.

In 2000, company founder Helmut Wagner transferred control of the company to his sons. Jobst Wagner became president of the REHAU Group and Dr. Veit Wagner became vice president.

During our first decade, REHAU was successful in establishing its business in Germany and Austria. This was followed by expansion throughout Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Today, REHAU is represented worldwide in more than 50 countries.

The REHAU Group headquarters is located in Muri, Switzerland. Our operations are divided into three global regions:

  • Americas
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) 
  • Asia Pacific

By focusing on medium- and long-term goals rather than on short-term profits, REHAU will remain an independent and reliable business partner. With an emphasis on stable growth, the company targets industries and regions that promise long-term potential.

Business divisions

Our wide-ranging competencies are divided into five divisions: Window Solutions, Building Solutions, Furniture Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Automotive..


As a leading supplier of polymer-based solutions to construction, REHAU addresses sustainable design priorities by engineering products that enhance comfort and convenience, reduce energy costs, create healthy and safe environments, and conserve finite resources. REHAU’s products and systems for the window and door, heating and plumbing, and pipe markets complement each other in integrated high-performance solutions.


REHAU optimizes design, comfort and safety as a creative development partner to the automotive industry. With key programs including exterior components such as bumpers and fenders, intelligent modules for water management, and thermoplastic sealing systems, REHAU is a worldwide premium supplier to all major automotive manufacturers.


With its polymer-based innovations, REHAU is a leading supplier of products and systems to industry. From furniture to appliance and transportation, REHAU solutions offer unique performance and design features that integrate seamlessly into its customers’ production environments.

REHAU Academy

We honor our promise of quality by continually offering targeted training to architects, craftsmen, retailers and sales personnel so they are able to develop in-depth knowledge of our solutions. Seminars are held regularly at our training centers, at customers' locations and online.

Research and innovation

REHAU develops materials, formulas and processes suitable for series production. Through successful collaboration of applications engineers, laboratory technicians, process engineers, and tooling and machinery design specialists, REHAU provides significant benefit to our customers.

Innovation highlights

  • 2007 Introduces Ski-Line, an innovative ski jumping track system that combines summer and winter tracks into a single module
  • 2008 Introduces GENEO®, a fully reinforced window profile system made from the high-tech material RAUFIPRO®
  • 2009 Introduces REHAU ECOAIRTM, an air to ground heat exchange system for the preconditioning and dehumidification of residential and commercial ventilation
  • 2009 Replaces traditional materials with polymers in RELAZZOTM terrace system, based on RAU-WOOD wood-polymer composite material, and RAUTITANTM polymer fitting system
  • 2010 Innovative production process: foam blow moulded air duct systems for the Audi A8; the components contribute towards the weight reduction of the entire air conditioning system, can be flexibly thermoformed, can be easily installed and achieve a high efficiency of the heat or cold flows thanks to their thermally insulating material properties
  • 2011 ULTRALITEC: Innovative production process during which fibres are linked together with the thermoplasts using a special moulding and laying technique.
  • 2011 The polymer specialist increases his commitment in the field of renewable energies with the foundation of the REHAU Energy Solutions GmbH
  • 2012 Following extensive preliminary screening, REHAU obtains a product certification for RAU-FLIGHT for the aviation industry.
  • 2012 REHAU produces multi-functional spoilers for the Porsche 911 Carrera with a weight saving of 20 percent
  • 2013 REHAU publishes its first sustainability report; the emphasis is on the long-term corporate strategy, ecological, energy-efficient products, conservation of resources and the employee's satisfaction
  • 2013 Red Dot Design Award for glass laminate as well as matching laser edgeband in a glass finish and room thermostat Nea
  • 2014 REHAU was given the Deutsche Ideenpreis 2014 (German Ideas Award 2014) for its innovative micro biogas plant REHAU HomeGas
  • 2014 Future of the hydrogen technology: REHAU inaugurates the lightweight technical centre for scientific research at the Viechtach location
  • 2015 GENEO INOVENT – The window that ventilates while closed thanks to an integrated ventilation system and therefore reduces energy losses.
  • 2015 REHAU presents an innovative bicycle frame concept called nam:e which allows frames of e-bikes to be industrially manufactured in Germany and which captivates with individual designs as well functions and surprising features which can be integrated.
  • 2016 REHAU presents with the introduction of a smart shelf prototype the vision of the interconnected and interactive shelf of the future.


  • Worldwide: more than 170 locations, 40 plants and 110 sales offices


  • Worldwide: approximately 20,000


  • Theo Haast, president and CFO
  • Terry Barnaby, COO
  • Dr. Thomas Troeger, CMO

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