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Our customers demand—and we think deserve—the very best solutions to the fast-evolving challenges they face. As digital technologies continue to transform so many aspects of our lives, the need for new environments where we can work and play effectively has also grown. Our REHAU businesses thrive in the knowledge that nothing stands still for long; constant reinvention is the only model for our long-term success.

Welcome to our REHAU Innovations page, where we explore some of our recent inventions and consider how they solve customers’ challenges and improve the world we live in.

At REHAU, we love innovation. To deliver our promise of Engineering Progress | Enhancing Lives, we are innovating today to create what our customers may need tomorrow.

In a digital world where nothing stands still for long, constant reinvention has become the only model for our long-term success. Whether it’s designing smart environments for work and play or manufacturing new materials that make travel safer and more comfortable, our inventors love to apply engineering wizardry to solve problems many don’t yet know exist. And thanks to cross-company collaboration and our energetic ecosystem of industry partners, we’re proud to be trailblazing solutions that future generations cannot live without.

Learn more about our innovation mindset and discover how many of our newest products and solutions are improving life on Planet Earth and beyond. Welcome to REHAU Innovations.

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“REHAU is all about innovations. We’re accelerating the speed of research and development across the company to stay ahead of the curve so we can surprise and delight our customers. For us, big bet investments in new products, processes and collaboration models are the key to ensuring our long-term prosperity and success."

Christian Fabian, REHAU Head of Technology & Performance

Digitization and Lifestyle

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Smart windows and doors that deter burglars

What if your windows could be your guard dog? With REHAU Smart Guard technology, the windows and doors of a building become an active and highly effective deterrent to intruders. No dog food needed.

Smart Sense

When furniture responds to touch

REHAU’s innovative touch-sensitive polymer profiles can transform static furniture into moving, responsive interfaces that respond to your preferences.


Alternative materials and technologies

REHAU Lyteus

A Roll of Light

REHAU participates in EU-funded lighting project.

The future energy source

The future energy source

Hydrogen is one of the basic building blocks of the universe. It is found, chemically-bound, in every living organism and possesses enormous potential.

High-Flying Polymers

High-Flying Polymers

REHAU sets standards in aeronautical engineering.


Processes and fabrication

Dr. Steven Schmidt

Recyclate for new product life

The history of plastics is an ongoing success story. Daily life is just inconceivable without plastics.

Networks and partnerships

Dr. Ralf Sander

Centralized REHAU technology

At REHAU, research and development of new processes as well as core process engineering is the remit of Corporate Research and Development Process Technologies (C-R+D PT). 

Dr. Thomas Rhönisch

Material expertise network

The Corporate Research and Development Material (C-R&D MAT) department is REHAU’s global material expertise network.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives