Centralized REHAU technology

Dr. Ralf Sander

At REHAU, research and development of new processes as well as core process engineering is the remit of Corporate Research and Development Process Technologies (C-R+D PT). The goal is to ensure the company has the global process engineering resources in place for accommodating the wide variety of REHAU product solutions.

This includes research and development of new technologies, providing extrusion tools as well as running a technical department for trying out new processes/methods. In addition, core process engineering departments work to provide fundamental and energy efficient technologies and processes.

In cooperation with the process engineering departments of the three business divisions, C-R+D PT makes sure that the entire development chain functions properly within the company, from research stage to operational implementation of the process engineering result concerned. To this end, C-R+D PT coordinates, in particular, REHAU wide technological development.


Dr. Ralf Sander


  • Head of Corporate Department R+D Process Technologies
  • Joined REHAU in 2003
  • Studied in UK, obtained PhD in polymer processing in 1994

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