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The REHAU product portfolio comprises more than 40,000 products. In order to position our competencies worldwide in line with the market and customer needs, we manage them within five divisions: Window Solutions, Building Solutions, Furniture Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Automotive.

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Window Solutions

Windows reinvented for modern life.

Quality, safety and design – when it comes to windows, these are our customers’ decisive needs. They drive REHAU experts to work on forward-looking and sustainable technologies that will noticeably improve the quality of life. Long-lasting windows that ventilate when closed and protect homes by sounding an alarm before damage occurs fit seamlessly into a modern world. With more than 150 color possibilities, customers can individualize the design according to their preference.

Highlight products

RAU-FIPRO X high-tech material

  • Fully glass-fibre reinforced window profiles
  • For window sizes previously only available in aluminium – up to to 2.80 m height
  • Outstanding thermal insulation due to absence of steel reinforcements

REHAU Smart Guard helps prevent break-ins

  • Alarm module integrated in the frame
  • Detects burglars and actively deters them before windows can be damaged
  • Smart home ready for a wealth of opportunities

GENEO Smart INOVENT ventilation system

  • Windows that let in air, even when they're closed
  • Completely integrated system for increased comfort, better air quality, less noise and more security
  • Sensors ensure fully automatic ventilation, 24 hours a day

KALEIDO COLOR design program

  • Surfaces and colours for more than 400 design options
  • From the deceptively real wood look, to exclusive aluminum surfaces, to classic white tones for  stylish restoration

Building Solutions

Reliable supply through long-lasting materials

Energy, water and telecommunications – the world demands unlimited capacity with constant, high-quality availability. REHAU systems are used worldwide in housing, commercial buildings and infrastructure, to ensure reliable and efficient supply: from hygienic drinking water to heating/cooling systems to high-speed broadband delivery or durable rainwater and sewage systems. With durable materials, REHAU delivers solutions that make everyday living safer, healthier and more comfortable.

Highlight Products


  • System for drinking water and heating
  • Delivers hygienically optimized drinking water from the point of entry to the tap


  • Smart drinking water tap with touch display 
  • Choice of filtered chilled, sparkling or boiling hot water from one single tap


  • Smart water controller with safety-optimised technology
  • Minimises the impact of water damage by reliably intervening before the worst happens


  • Intelligent room temperature control
  • Convenient control via voice or app 

Stormwater Management

  • Range for collection, transportation, purification, storage and retention of stormwater
  • Prevents flooding and ensures a controlled stormwater seepage

Sewer Products

  • System for water supply and waste water management 
  • Ensures safe and reliable transportation 
  • 100 years lifetime and Cradle-to-Cradle certified


  • Cable ducts for backbone, backhaul and access

Building Solutions
Furniture Solutions

Furniture Solutions

Visions become reality.

From residential kitchens and bathrooms to offices and retail shops – helping customers realize their individual interior design dreams is our passion. Building on our strength as a leading supplier of edgeband to the furniture industry, REHAU now offers a wide range of modern surfaces and fully fabricated custom-made components for millwork and cabinetry. The focus is always on turning our customers' design ideas into reality.

Highlight products

RAUKANTEX pro / zero joint edgeband

  • Zero joints for optimal furniture finishing
  • Zero adhesive for a better environment
  • Zero restrictions thanks to a huge portfolio

RAUVISIO crystal / surface solution

  • Looks like glass, works like wood
  • New trend colors every year
  • Available starting from 1 plate

FLIPDOOR/ New cabinet solution

  • Design match with surfaces
  • Unique merge of design and function
  • Vertical opening avoids safety hazards

RAUWALON / Wall profiles

  • Connecting worktop and walls
  • Full flexibility with 7+ profile lines
  • Tens of thousands of miles sold

Industrial Solutions

Highest efficiency down to the smallest detail

From bicycles to aerospace technology; from commercial refrigeration to smart shopping to railway solutions: Innovative REHAU systems make an impact on efficiency and safety in various industries. Every detail counts, and REHAU delivers high-quality solutions to partners throughout the world.

Highlight products

3rd / conductor rail systems

  • Complete conductor rail system from one source
  • High mechanical and electrical conductivity
  • Easy installation with maintenance-free system components

Smart Shelf system

  • One complete system with shelf electrification, hardware, software and carrier profiles 
  • Flexible positioning of all connected sensors, displays and hardware devices
  • Integrated data analytics solutions and ERP-connections 

Commercial Cooling

  • Minimum profile width and maximum insulation
  • Glass cover systems lower energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Polymer instead of aluminium = energy efficiency
  • Easy operation (slide & seal)

Silicon hoses

  • Heat and pressure resistant 
  • Meets all requirements BfR XV (silicones), FDA § 177.2600 and regulation (EG) 1935/2004
  • Patented hose assembly

Industrial Solutions


Shaping new mobility concepts

Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. New mobility concepts are in ever-increasing demand. The future belongs to alternative driving solutions and automotive intelligence. As a development partner of the automotive industry, REHAU supports this change. In addition to supplying series production of exterior painted components – including completely assembled bumper systems – and air/water/sealing solutions to almost all international automobile manufacturers, REHAU experts develop trend-setting product solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly driving.

Highlight products

Bumper Systems

  • Important function and design elements of a car 
  • Meet highest safety standards 
  • Feature complex technologies for increased pedestrian protection


  • Rear spoilers, rocker panels, fenders, fascias and covers
  • Series models and various sports / offroad variants
  • Saves weight and reduces fuel consumption


  • Increase the comfort in the passenger compartment
  • Accomplish noise and weight reductions
  • Contribute to the reduction of the CO² consumption

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives