Meet The Team

Tony O'Neill - Commercial Manager

Tony has not only been our Commercial Manager for 13 years, he was also a loyal REHAU customer for more than a decade before coming on board! 

After dealing with REHAU, as both a customer and an employee for the last 25 years, there are few people who know our products and services as well as Tony. 

He is responsible for developing the REHAU commercial fabricators/installers division, providing technical support to architects and developers on large projects, and works on the designs with our client (providing technical drawings, thermal calculations, and specification provision). Tony also presents the South African Institute of Architect (SAIA) approved uPVC Windows and Doors workshop.  The workshop lasts for 1.5 hours and carries 0.15 points in Category One.  Why not register for the CPD workshop?

Truly, there are few more qualified to liaise with and advise our customers than Tony himself.  He brings with him a wide range of experience in the building industry, having originally qualified as a carpenter.  He entered the window industry in 1979 as an installer of aluminium and PVC products and then progressed to become a surveyor for both commercial and domestic projects.  Tony’s experience also includes being a contracts director, managing an installation department and being in charge of the tenders and estimating side of the business, while using mainly REHAU uPVC products. 

Tony enjoys the challenges of developing companies from ‘acorns to oaks’, which includes bringing new products to the market and in our case, educating customers on the benefits of uPVC. Tony hopes to further develop the South African/African window and door market with the outstanding features of  uPVC products. While working overseas, Tony helped to develop and introduce new products such as Geneo/Nordic/Polytec, into the UK market and he now enjoys the opportunity to be a part of the South African team seeking to make the same strides. 

So, in his years as an industry professional, what has made REHAU stand out as the company of choice for the building industry? According to Tony, “REHAU’s greatest attribute is the integrity, honesty, and high principles, with which we conduct business as well as our concentration on delivering the highest quality products to the South African market.” 

As REHAU has grown we have developed a highly motivated team of industry professionals with the highest experience levels from the building industry. Tony is a great example of the drive that it takes to create an award winning team. 

When he has down time Tony enjoys music and travelling.

Tony's contact details:

Tel: +27 (0)11 201 1300

Cell: +27 (0)82 857 8535

Pellmeadow Office Park, Bldg B, 60 Civin Drive, 2007 Bedfordview, Johannesburg

Uwe Pey - Sales Manager

A part of our organisation for more than 15 years, Uwe Pey is the Area Sales Manager for the RSA & Africa Sub-Sahara region for REHAU Construction Division - Window Systems. He was promoted to the position in 2007, after surpassing all targets and growth expectations in his role as Cape Town Office Manager and Furniture Division Sales Consultant.

Uwe Pey, Sales Manager

By trade, Uwe is a qualified tool, jig and die maker but his resume is built on three decades of excellence in sales, often achieving salesman/consultant of the year awards in his career. It is with this same enthusiasm that he has helped to build various divisions at REHAU from the ground up, from the furniture systems to the current windows systems. 

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Uwe enjoys seeing things fall into place from careful planning, consistency, and hard work. 

He uses his natural skills and character traits to excel in his role at REHAU; he is a born planner and organiser, and has a flair for negotiations which is coupled with his technical ability. 

Each day Uwe seeks to grow the REHAU uPVC Fenestration business and he has worked diligently to launch the REHAU Windows Business in South Africa. In fact, he is so passionate about developing brand recognition, that he believes one day that REHAU and ‘uPVC windows’ will be used interchangeably, becoming an industry game-changer. 

Together with his REHAU Windows team, Uwe has achieved much over a relatively short period of time, including being part of the drive to have the SANS national regulations changed. Other career highlights include ensuring proper window system SABS testing, and seeing how REHAU has garnered industry recognition in a tough competitive aluminium and wood window industry, where others have dominated the market for years. 

He is proud to be a part of a family owned business, knowing that it was built up over 75 years in Europe to become a market leader in the polymer industry. It is the consistent high standard and top quality products which allow him to sell into the RSA market with confidence and pride. 

“The training, support and backup we offer fabricators, installers, architects, developers, etc allows them to use a top quality product, have confidence in the design specification, have the best energy efficient windows in the market and know that their customers are receiving the best new generation product for the money.” 

He also believes,”We do not just sell good products, we become involved with our fabricators or customers to ensure they get the best service, training and assistance to grow their business. We are like big brother behind each and every customer.”

Uwe's contact details:

Tel: +27 (0)21 982 1254
Cell: +27 (0)82 777 4021
Unit 1, Everite II, Cnr Taurus & Teejay Streets, 7560 Brackenfell, Cape Town

Mark Stoltz - Sales Director

In 2014, we excitedly welcomed Mark Stoltz on board as REHAU’s new South Africa’s Sales Director. A team player who is driven by a desire to see a job well done, Mark is a people’s person who thrives on building his business relationships and discussing marketing strategies. An extrovert at heart, he is always ready to deal with any challenge that comes his way. 

Mark Stoltz, Sales Director

Actually, Mark is no stranger to sales, he brings his vast 26 years of sales experience in the building industry to our growing team. 

Mark has a natural ability to adapt to new circumstances within different business units as needed, which he believes comes from decades of working in the industry. Mark is born to do what he does, and so an intense passion for his career and the business is evident in his daily actions. 

They say that good talent is hard to find, but at REHAU we find that difficult to believe as we have continually attracted the best names and most qualified people in the business. Mark believes he knows why,“REHAU is a company that re-invests in itself and its growth, which means that people count. Whether as a supplier or an employee, with REHAU you can enjoy a relationship with a company that is heavily invested in its people and in South Africa.” 

What makes REHAU stand head and shoulders above the rest? 

Mark says that it is because our organisation focuses on solutions that solve everyday challenges, using the latest technology which also speaks to an environmental need. REHAU products are superior and specifically targeted to improving the lives of South Africans. 

Clearly a ‘glass half full’ sort of guy, Mark is a motivated team player and an excellent addition to the REHAU sales force. 

Mark looks forward to the opportunity to grow his career at REHAU, and within an industry that he has always been involved in. A life in sales can mean never staying settled in one place for long, so he counts himself lucky to have a solid family who has been supportive of him through the years. 

But now, as he cherishes the time that he has to kick back, he looks forward to catching up on his hobbies: reading, cycling, fishing, and watching sport.

Mark's contact details:

Tel: +27 (0)11 201 1300

Cell: +27 (0)76 021 3934

Pellmeadow Office Park, Bldg 8, 60 Civin Drive, 2007 Bedfordview, Johannesburg

Mark Smith - Regional Technical Manager

Mark joined the REHAU team in February 2016, as Regional Technical Manager. He will be responsible for machinery set-ups, manufacture and installation training and the REHAU in-house manufacturing software development and training. 

Mark Smith, Sales Consultant

Mark is no stranger to the world of window manufacturing, having 20 years local and European experience. The knowledgeable business manager says he aims to look at opportunities to innovate and deliver business solutions that will have a significant impact on improving profitability. 

Since joining REHAU, Mark has delivered the most improvement through the enhancement and simplification of the in–house REF software used in the manufacturing process of uPVC windows and doors. Furthermore, the hardware set-up has been improved for specific window and door systems. 

Mark has been on both sides – that of a REHAU client when he ran his own business for ten years and now as an employee at the Bedfordview offices in Johannesburg.  

“What makes REHAU unique is that in this day and age, despite it being a global business, REHAU still has all the excellent values of a family run business.”  

REHAU’s training, support and back up offered to fabricators, installers, architects & developers ensure they use top quality products – the best energy efficient windows on the market. The company guarantees the fabricators or customers get the best service, training and assistance to grow their businesses. 

It seems that REHAU is the perfect fit for this results driven and creative problem solver to meet his career objective of securing a challenging role, where his extensive experience and leadership skills in Business Management can be fully utilised. 

Mark's contact details:

Tel: +27 (0) 11 201 1300

Cell: +27 (0) 82 887 5763

Pellmeadow Office Park, Bldg B, 60 Civin Drive, 2007 Bedfordview, Johannesburg

Theda Botes - Marketing Co-ordinator

Theda Botes is the Marketing Co-ordinator for REHAU South Africa, handling all of the marketing activities for the Construction and Industry divisions. Theda is well placed to take on all of our external promotions, as she has been with REHAU South Africa for almost 14 years!

Theda Botes, Marketing Co-ordinator

The marketing department has come a long way since she began with a simple, single brochure and a small range of samples to share with potential clients more than a decade ago. Both her position and REHAU have developed substantially in that time, but she still hopes to push the company further. She sees a lot of benefits in the environmental sustainability of the REHAU products, which she hopes to create more awareness of in the years to come. 

Creating awareness around South Africa’s leading provider of uPVC windows and doors is both exciting and rewarding, as Theda believes the company has innovative product ranges, which exceed current industry standards. 

She looks forward to continuing on the company’s accelerated grow path, by establishing a larger media presence, including radio, billboard, digital advertising and TV campaigns. 

As with many larger corporates, all marketing activities follow carefully set guidelines, but she is quick to point out that creativity within her portfolio is both encouraged and embraced, which opens many exciting opportunities to present REHAU’s product lines to industry professionals. 

“I balance well between being imaginative and being administrative, which is a plus as I have a very strong administrative background and am a natural organiser, a do-er, a no-nonsense type of person.” Theda also thrives on interacting with people, which is something she does often as the Marketing Co-ordinator. 

“REHAU stands apart because of our dedicated personnel and the willingness of the company to invest in South Africa,” she says. “That is something that is important for our customers to know, and one of the reasons that I have stayed with the company for more than a decade.” 

Looking to the future, Theda is eager to help REHAU reach new levels of success. One way she will achieve this is by showcasing prestigious South African projects, of which there are now plenty to choose from.

Theda's contact details:

Tel: +27 (0)11 201 1300

Pellmeadow Office Park, Bldg 8, 60 Civin Drive, 2007 Bedfordview, Johannesburg