About REHAU Group


REHAU is a 100% family-owned company with a focus on polymer-based solutions. Set up in 1948 in Rehau, Germany, REHAU has increased steadily over the course of almost 70 years. What started as the vision of 3 men, transformed into the company with some 20,000 employees based in more than 170 locations. The Group has developed into an international corporation with the annual sales of EUR 3 billion.

REHAU offers more than 40,000 different products. In the early 1950s, we manufactured custom merchandise for the shoe and automotive industries. Today, our product range spans complex system and service solutions for the construction, furniture and automotive industries as well as for a number of other applications.

Our company operates in three main business areas: construction, automotive and industry. The Group HQ is located in Muri, Switzerland.

Our philosophy

Even after more than 60 years of company success, nothing has changed when it comes to our core set of principles: long-term partnerships with employees and customers, sustainable growth, independence, passion for innovation and environmental awareness are fixed elements of our company philosophy. Responsible thinking and conduct is what sets us apart.

Environmental responsibility 

Protecting the environment and being responsible for our products are what makes up our corporate culture and strategy, which is reflected throughout our entire value-creation chain – from material research to production, to the use of our products and systems by customers. The use of recycled materials, including post-consumer plastics, is a part of our product development processes, and amounts to some 30,000 metric tons annually.

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Engineering progress

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